15 January 2009

Introducing Team McCann Dodgy Dozen

Source: This is Leicestershire

Maybe these 12 could lend a hand...?

Previous Devious McCann Detectives*

Control Risks Group (CRG)

Hogan International

Método 3

Oakley International Group Llc

Plus a few former  British Cops, former members of MI5, MI6, former FBI and SAS agents

* not experienced in finding missing children


  1. The Mcfreaks are in right state of panic over something or other. I reckon that Tony Bennett has really put the wind up em. Good on you Tony, lets get those books out by the millions.

  2. I bet the 12 disciples looked more intelligent than those people above.

    And the McCanns continue to make money because

    enquanto existir otário, malandro não passa fome.

  3. You are moronic spastic heads. You have the heading dodgy 12 with a photoshopped pic of fine upstanding persons - sara payne, the mother of murdered daughter. You depict Honor Blackman a fine actress - Bianca, another fine actress and supermom. These people have donated their time and money to many worthy causes to make our world a better place.

    Grow up and grow some balls you spineless spiteful blog cretins.

  4. Javelin dear, first do not spam the comments section. Secondly, if you don't get the post, my dear, you are the half-wit here. Thirdly, you are a spineless and failed character since you just made a new user at google/blogger to grow enough balls to post your crap and idiotic comment. So, fuck you very much and go post your stuff at HTFM forums, Find Madeleine Fund or anywhere else in the British on-line media. Obrigadinha fê-dê-pê!

  5. Talvez vão revelar aonde está o corpo.

  6. Boa resposta Joana!

    Excelente mordaz comentário,Guerra!


    Javelin, toma lá que já almoças-te!
    Que tal será a sensação de se ter o cérebro nos fundilhos?...

  8. Why do the McCanns need a team to 'find Madeleine', have they forgotten where they disposed of her body?

  9. Javelin, your words are really bad taste. If you don't have anything constructive to say, better keep quiet. Don't litter this blog.

  10. What a great army of twelve...I think they are very worried about something and want to prove how much effort they are making to keep the money running, o no sorry, to find their daughter. How about two different police forces? Oh no, that would not convey the message: "Watch the thugs we hired, be careful". Psychos dont have remorse, but they will act inmediately they feel threatened.

  11. Um, Javelin does come across as a little unhinged but he is right that one of the 12 people in the photo is Sara Payne's mother. She is fighting to get Sarah's law which allows people to know if paedophiles move near to where they live.
    I'm sure you were unaware of this and it is a genuine error, but it is in rather bad taste to use that picture.