30 April 2009

Censored in the UK

The documentary the McCanns don't want you to watch!

Cidadãos pela Defesa dos Direitos e Liberdades - Projecto Justiça Gonçalo Amaral
Citizens in Defence of Rights and Freedoms – Project Justice Gonçalo Amaral




  2. Whats the problem if anything and everything has coming from Portugal has been censured since Madeleine disappeared....?anything that sheds a light on the case is immediately censured....
    Gonçalo Amaral is not trying to get you,gerry & kate,no.He just wants to find out what has happened to your daughter.....while you persist in a very counter productive behaviour.Why?

  3. Admin, Finding The Truth forumThursday, April 30, 2009 9:18:00 pm

    Thank you Astro and Joana from all at Finding the Truth forum. we appreciate all your work xxxx

  4. Amaral has used considered language and pointed out the issues many people in the UK would like to be answered by the McCann's. He should have shown the joyous smiles on their faces one week after she disappeared exiting a church service !!!!!

    Anyone who cares deeply for children wants this couple to feel the heat of legal enforced questioning again. Re-open the case.

  5. What will you do now Team McCann, Pink Appendix and associates? Are you going to demand the end of the "Worl Wide Web"??? Teehee...never mind that not one single tv channel in England has the "balls" to show Mr.Amaral's documentary, or that no publisher will accept his book, here it is for the english speaking people to watch and freely form an opinion of what really happened!
    Here it is with english subtitles, a true documentary that states facts, the conclusions of the portuguese police, as they are described in the files of the oficial and legitimate investigation; here it is, available to everyone, everywhere...it only takes a computer with a web link!


  6. nice one Astro & Joana...

    the McCann's time is coming soon

  7. Thank you Joana for this subtitled version of Sr Amarals documentary.

    I have one thing to say to Clarence Mitchell " Shut up" you idiot do you think you can sue everyone i am sure if you had something to sue Sr Amaral for then you would have done it by now. Why dont you sue him then you can fight it out in court, but we all know that is not what you really want to do is it.

  8. The person that can and will re open this case - Amaral.

  9. The Justice Minister Antonio Costa and Alipio Ribeiro should be dismissed, along with Paulo Rebelo.
    Justice for Maddie! The Attorney General must reopen the Process!

  10. Clarence Mitchell: "... the station that broadcasts it will be sued by our lawyers". (are they "his" lawyers too?!)

    How does one go about suing the web?...will they try to persecute the blog owners or Youtube? Ah! FAT CHANCE!!!

  11. Dear Joana, congratulations and celebrations!
    I spent most of the day sending this documentary to Irish, British and Scotish people. It will spread around faster than the Mexican flu.
    Oh yeah, I bet it will.
    Thank you, Joana and Astro!
    I understood the documentary now much better. Amaral's pronounciation is difficult and I had not understood the back of the sofa was washed.
    Was she victim of an accident, she got a brain concusion, she vomited and suffocated in the food?
    But this should not be a reason for concealing the body.The parents could have said it was an accident and called an ambulance.
    Maybe DNA of another person in the food she vomited.
    She was not used to the flavour.
    May God forgive me.

  12. Watching that with the subtitles, I am speechless!

    Thank you Goncalo Amaral may you and the other former detectives bring justice for this poor child. The child of the mother who did not answer 48 questions and the father who did not look at the film of the dogs! I did not believe their story as they told it to the world on the 4/5/07, I still do not beleieve it and I never will believe it. G A'S theory supports my thoughts regarding this case.

    Mitchell thinks people over here are not interested in this documentary well more like they are sh!t scared that it should ever be seen by people over here. The Mockumentary will be a BS feeding for the UK mushrooms that are kept in the dark, imo!

  13. Joana any chance of puting links so that I and others can put on our facebooks? Its a way of gettin g this to a wider audience...Brillinat the way they disproved the McCanns case and proved the case of Amaral..

  14. I hope that Oprah Winfrey watches it atentivelly...and feels foolish, very, very foolish ( and ashamed!)...

  15. It's funny... people never seem to connect the fact that the McCanns are active members of the scottish rite of freemasonry, and the ties of this organization to the illuminati and their satanic blood rituals and child conditioning programs (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aptkO-OySPc ).
    This is way bigger than many of you believe and has everything to do with the new world order of control that the fascist elite is trying to impose. But don't believe me, research it yourself without prejudice.

  16. It's funny... people never seem to connect the fact that the McCanns are active members of the scottish rite of freemasonry, and the ties of this organization to the illuminati and their satanic blood rituals and child conditioning programs (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aptkO-OySPc ).
    This is way bigger than many of you believe and has everything to do with the new world order of control that the fascist elite is trying to impose. But don't believe me, research it yourself without prejudice.

  17. There's an article on today's Daily Mail( aaarrrgh!)about Kate's sobbing on Oprah, pictures and all! In one of them one can see, if one looks real close, a tear in Kate's face! Amazing!!!
    There's an interesting mention to an expert that says the most likely scenario for what happened, is that Madeleine wandered out of the apartment to look for her parents, and got snatched by an opportunistic paedo...I wonder what the McCanns will say about this...it does not match with their version of events and Tanner's account.
    I've flooded the comments box with several replies to parts of the article, but so far none got through, I bet none of them will get published!


  18. Danke Für Eure Arbeit ... und danke an Mr. Amaral für seine Version. Es bleibt allerdings eine Frage offen
    Wenn die Smith Sichtung wirklich G. war, wie ist dann der Leichengeruch zu erklären im Apartment ? Dann müßte M. bereits ca 2 Stunden tot gewesen sein, sonst wäre der Geruch nicht entstanden. Das wiederum hieße aber, nach den Aussagen des vermeintlichen Zeitablaufes des Abends, das sie im Beisein eines oder beider Elternteile verstorben sein muß.

  19. Sky News, Martin Brunt's blog:
    Excerpt from
    "A statement of the obvious?"

    "Madeleine McCann's parents had nothing to do with her disappearance, she was probably abducted after she left the apartment, the Portuguese police did a poor investigation and the dogs' evidence was dodgy."

    "No, not my conclusions, but those of British criminologist and ex-cop Mark Williams-Thomas."- wrote Mr. Brunt.

    He goes on to asy that this expert worked with a criminal profiler and a portuguese speaking lady, and studied the files.
    Hummm, this sounds like a counter reaction to what Mr. Amaral and his fellow former police officers have been doing.
    What's afoot? Are the McCanns gently paving the way to turn away from their version of the break-in and the "abuctor inside the apartment scenario"? Quite a possibility... this version of events is becoming increasingly less and less credible to lots of people, mainly thanks to the documentary from Mr. Amaral, which now is also available to the english speaking public.
    Let's wait and see what comes out of this...will we have Mr. Mitchell strongly rebuking this expert's views or will we have SILENCE from the McCann camp?...
    Time will tell...

  20. If that is the standard of our British criminologist's then gawd help us! I read his article and get the impression he is a tw@!

  21. Its difficult to see on what grounds a broadcaster would sued.

    I can only assume that the UK press has been silenced by Government.

  22. I'm curious as to the reason why this is being censored over here in the UK? Anyone?

    I'm keeping a very open mind over the whole issue.

    The only thing i will say a parent is that i have & never will leave my son on his own under any circumstances, bearing in mind he was 5 at the time of the disappearance.

    The Parents were/are so-called "Professional" people, what the hell were they doing leaving their kids home alone! This beggars belief. Also from watching the video they used calpol to keep the children "quiet".


    As for being banned, my copy is being downloaded & will be distributed over here. People have the right to both sides of the story.

    Censorship has not & will never work.

    .net neutrality is a must.

  23. Interessante...mas quando e que os media portugueses vao comecar a fazer o trabalho de casa mais rigorosamente?? Muito se fez do uso de Calpol, mas Calpol e simplesmente paracetamol para criancas. Pode ser obtido sem receita medica e este facto pode ser verificado por uma simples pesquisa na Web. Este tipo de desleixo so compromete o que ate pode ser uma reportagem interessante.

    Interesting...but when will Portuguese Media start doing their homework properly? Much has been made about the use of Calpol, Capol is simply paracetamol for children. It's available over the counter and this can be verfied with a simple search on the Web. This slopiness only compromises what otherwise could be an interesting report.

    A Portuguese in the UK.

  24. PS - Se em duvida, consultem

    If in doubt look at

    A Portuguse in the UK

  25. This is ridiculous,how this man closes on evidence of the door not being forced as a fact that no intruder went in and about the mother's finger prints on the window: my god: how about the abductor had a key, he wore gloves so left no prints and opened the window then realised it was too hard to climb out and left through the door?? of course there would be the mother's prints for every other day. Smith's testimony was so reliable according to him-then why not Tanner's??? about the dogs,there were experts commenting on the timing of supposed death which conflicted with what the dogs could have picked up regarding metabolic processes in dying humans-however,did it occur to anyone this may be a set up by someone in the police or outside the police, after all there were all sorts of things happenning in that apartment and people entering that we don't know about.The story of the car having the open door is just irrelevant.Indeed,I hope both for Madeleine and for the other girl Joanna who died nearby supposedly also killed by her mother,that justice is made and the culprit,probably the same person in both occassions found.An expert in crimes from the UK did say the closeness of both deaths and their identical nature (young girls) is far too much for them to be unrelated.

  26. I am very impressed by the investigation, thank you and God bless you Mister Amaral. The world needs people honest and good professionals like you.
    poor little child.

  27. The subtitles can be improved particularly as far as readability is concerned. It is a very interesting documentary indeed and I hope Channel 4 or any other Broadcaster will have the guts to show it in the UK and beyond.

    A legendagem deve ser refeita por profissionais de lingua mae inglesa especializados em legendagem de filmes porque alem de poder ser melhorada, apresenta um grave problema: nao permite um entendimento fluido em ingles.

    Quem so ler as legendas sem ter ouvido o som nao entende muitas partes porque as legendas em ingles acompanham o texto em portugues em vez de estarem adaptadas a permitir a facil leitura ao falante de ingles. (As legendas poderiam ser mais longas ainda que refiram alguma parte que nao esteja a ser pronunciada porque isso torna a leitura mais facil, etc)

    Acho que o filme é muito interessante, e com uma legendagem verdadeiramente profissional fica melhor ainda.

    Na minha opiniao poderia ter-se evitado captar Gongalo Amaral em determinados planos que nao lhe sao beneficiais, de baixo para cima, demasiado no centro da imagem e perpendicular ao plano em vez de mais de perfil, para o tornar mais leve e simpatico, menos estilo pugilista. Se o senhor ja é compacto e tem uma cara larga bastante "agreste" devia evitar-se apresenta-lo tao perto, preferindo um certo angulo para lhe dar elegancia. ( Os grandes planos de Gongalo Amaral de gravata vermelha metem medo e devem ser retirados em minha opiniao)

  28. A plea to anyone who believes in the power of prayer say an extra prayer everyday from now on that Madelaines body is found. I am

  29. I don't understand how the McCann's get to dictate exactly what can and can't be said about the case! Amaral has every right to tell in a book all the things he knows about the case. Also, the judge ignored the Portuguese constitution when banning the book!

  30. where can I dowload this video?

  31. they shouldent of left them kids in the room in the first place by themselfs, stuiped thing on the parents side, 3 kids any thing could of gone wrong, just so stuiped!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. I just finished watching the documentry I am totally convinced that the McCanns are guilty. I am of portuguese descent and he irritates me that the McCanns have the audacity to blame the Portuguese for this. All the evidence points to them. This case needs to be reopened. And who the hell is that guy that keeps speaking for them. Can't they speak for their selves. And who in their right mind would leave three babies alone in a Motel room unsupervised while they went out to eat and booze it up. I'm sorry but it doesn't gel. They brought in dogs and the dogs smelled traces of blood and death. There is no doubt in my mind that the McCanns are guilty and why wouldn't they co operate with the Portuguese authorities??? And like Gangalo Amaral said in the end sooner or later the truth will come out. And isn't strange how the case has been closed and not another word about it has been metioned in the news and that Maddy's parents aren't actively trying to found out if they're daughter is still alive. I mean come I am a Mother my kids are my life if this had been one of my kids that this had happened to I would never stop looking nor would I just let it die. I would move Hell and Earth no matter how long it took to keep this case open till I found my child or got justice. No way in hell would I have left Portugal until this was resolved no matter how long it took.

  33. =)) Don't blame the Portuguese gonverment as far as I'm concerned they did everything they could to solve this case and alot of people suspect that the parents had something to do with it. What I can't understand is how could a parent just take their daughters little body and dump it in the ocean without thinking twice about. These two should have never been allowed to breed

  34. I should add a different title Censored in the UK and banned in Portugal.

  35. 'Maddie: The Truth of The Lie' Documentary Transcript in English http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2009/04/maddie-truth-of-lie-documentary.html

  36. I'm convinced! I believe she died in the flat. I hope one day her remains are found and the McCanns are made to face the truth.

  37. Whilst I still have a open mind regarding this case, unless I read ALL the information or TALK to all those involved I don't feel I can make a judgement. However I believe all is not what is seems regarding Kate and Gerald Mccann's, but that is just my feeling not a fact.
    However one thing I do not understand is why is she bringing out this book regarding his missing daughter for more funds to help find their missing daughter.

    Whilst I would never want to imagine the pain of any parents with missing children, of which I know there are MANY, I cannot understand why she cannot give some of these proceeds to a charity for helping find other missing children.

    Many parents who unfortunately have had their child murdered start charities to help other families who have suffered the same pain as them.

    To me personally the Mccann's only focus on themselves, their loss and their pain. I find it very selfish of them for not "giving something back" to help other families find their missing child, whom I may add never ever get or have got this kind of media coverage.

  38. I would have found it useful to have heard what the 48 questions were that Kate M didn't answer, because it makes a big difference. If she was merely refusing to co-operate because she did not recognise the validity of the procedure, that is one thing. If however, the questions would be difficult to answer without lying and therefore difficult to replicate the answers at a later stage, that is something else...

    Also, does Gerry M have an alibi for the time he was alegedly seen carrying a child at 10pm?

    An explanation as to why the police dismissed the evidence provided by the dogs, would have been interesting.

  39. Well If I said the reason they want the book banned is because it says they had never been to Portugal before, I bet you they where there in 2006. That flat 5a is owned in 2007 by a Mrs McCann in 2006 a Mr and Mrs McCann and 2 other people, could the 2 other people be the gruesome twosome Gerry and Kate. The fact the dogs detected the odours doesnt mean it happened on 03/05/07. I think he knows more than he is saying.

  40. in answer to 25 if he left by the patio doors he would have walked into G Mccann

  41. What a very revealing documentary, I feel that the hard working Portuguese police were demonised by the British media I felt it at the time and even more so now. All I hope for is that the truth will out.
    And as a dog trainer of 15years standing, may I add that dogs don't lie

  42. Surely the McCanns friend's stories are a collaborative effort to cover up the events. Seems like a huge cover-up.

    I really hope someone caves in and spills the beans.

  43. It seems Carter-Ruck (they who defend the undefendable see Trafigura oil poisoning case that tried to subvert the right to free speech in the UK) have contacted the High Court, withdrawing from the final trial of their action against Dr Goncalo Amaral and, instead, seeking a settlement with him.
    It is almost unheard of that a claimant withdraw in such a way.
    Hmmm. They have emotionally tortured the defendants by dragging this out to the last few days, hoping they would fold, and then seek an out of court settlement, probably with a gagging order.
    Search google for
    "Letter 25 Jan 2013 to Carter-Ruck and the Court about THAT proposed settlement with Dr Amaral"

  44. I believe they sedated the child in order to keep her asleep so as not to disturb their dinner party, child had a reaction from medication and dies.

    Child's body is put into the sea as the tide is going out.

    I believe the parents are guilty.

  45. I am watching this video because the crimewatch programme will be airing on the BBC tonight. Goncalo Amaral appears to me to be a brave man to continue this battle in spite of what he has suffered at the hands of the political classes in Britain and Portugal to bring justice for Madeleine and closure for so many people

  46. please do not stop this being published, this is where people can go to see this doccumentary, i have posted it on facebook, im in u.k i think the whole world should see this thanks http://youtu.be/x_ZdDTsFC2g