English Police follow lead of man seen carrying child on his arms

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map pinched from here

Sighting referenced in the [Judiciary Police] case files was crucial for selection of site to find Maddie

by Marisa Rodrigues

The site in Praia da Luz where the British Police yesterday began the search for the body of Madeleine McCann was not chosen at random.

Seven years ago, a witness [Smith family, read statements given to Portuguese police] saw a man carrying a child in his arms in a nearby street, walking towards the beach. And, in the close vicinity, live people whom the English detectives consider to be persons “of interest”.

It was the cross-checking of this data, coupled with the fact that a vacant lot underlies both factors, that has led the police to believe that the girl's body may have been buried there.

The terrain has an extension equivalent to two football fields long. According to locals, in the 60s, a resort was planned to be erected, a project that failed. For decades nothing was built there and seven years ago, when Madeleine disappeared, it was one of the places searched by the Guarda Nacional Repúblicana (GNR) with sniffer dogs.

Restricted Access

The accesses to the search sites, situated along the Rua 25 de Abril, was cut off by the GNR, shortly after midnight. At the highest point, on the top of a hill, the GNR control post was established. It was also there that they have concentrated, starting at 11 am, all the vehicles and means, and where they unloaded the equipment needed for the operation, planned to last until Friday.

Specialized technicians of an English company made ​​the photographic and topographic reconnaissance and there were police officers traversing the area on foot. Specific areas were marked with stakes and tents were mounted on top of them.

The PJ and Scotland Yard were in a meeting for about two hours. Each one of the police officers and technicians, as well as the vehicles, authorized to be on the ground received “credentials”.

These steps are part of the British investigation, which now follows the theory that Madeleine was abducted, killed and buried in Praia da Luz. The Public Prosecutor's Office has authorized searches with sniffer dogs, georadar and also excavations. The latter should only take place if relevant evidence is found.

The action plan is decided on a daily basis, depending on the progress of the operations. The PJ is present, controls and monitors, but all the equipment, as well as dogs, are the responsibility of the British, who assume all costs. The coordinators of the PJ in Faro and Portimão, Luís Mota Carmo and Ana Paula Rito, have closely followed the operations.

Scotland Yard has already announced that they want to ask for more searches to be done in at least two other sites. The operations ended at 18:20pm and will be resumed this morning. For the time being, the police from both countries have not provided any official statements.

in Jornal de Notícias, June 3, 2014 - paper edition


Common sense said...

And Mr Smith specifically mentioned that man as Gerry McCann!

Anonymous said...

No wonder the Mccanns are so quiet. The sighting by Smith that was suppressed by them has now emerged as crucial to the case. Maybe DCI Redwood isn't the fool he has appeared to be so far....

Anonymous said...

Maybe DCI Redwood was just giving the mccanns the feeling that he believed their hideous lies and now the nets closing in on them ? About time too , they should be made to pay back all the money they collected from the public who felt sorry and believed their hideous tales , making it look like the poor child was still alive and the "responsible" parents , who abandoned under 5 year old children so that they could drink with their friends , and accused the People of Portugal of not being helpful in looking for their "missing " daughter while the "responsible" parents went jogging !

Anonymous said...

yes- although they are still talking about abduction!!!

Joana Morais said...

Taking a break now (unless something urgent requires translation) - will translate videos later on.. Thank you for reading this blog and for sharing the news from the Portuguese media.

Anonymous said...

if MM had been abducted from the apartment and then Killed how was it possible for cadaverine and blood to be found in the apt, cadaverine only starts to be given off after an hour, why was the apt clinically cleaned, why no DNA of MM in the apt, so many questions to which there are no feasible answers, IMO

Anonymous said...

I just hope all their hard work pays off and this nightmare is brought to a satisfactory conclusion. R.I.P Madeleine XX

Anonymous said...

I think the police have indications where the body might be. Such a large ground and they are concentrated on a part of it. Somebody could have told something.
Joana, welcome back!

Anonymous said...

Man carrying a child? Latest leads? Was it not the Smiths who say they seen someone look very much like good old Garry carrying a child ? Me thinks the nets closing in on the vile pair , Start by charging them with NEGLECT and telling porkies and changing their stories to the Police .......Simples

Anonymous said...

I counted about 20 different British plods on the recent pics (that's just the uniformed ones).

That's precisely 20 more than I have seen with my own eyes in my sleepy home counties' town in the last 12 years - not a hotbed of crime either and of a similar size compared to Luz.

All those staged pictures of British cops pointing meaningfully into the middle distance, drones and helicopters, plods scouring the ground on hands and knees.

Nowt will come of it - as any sane person will know - but a picture tells more than a thousand words - the Met being at least as media savvy as the McCann's PR team.

The sheeple will buy it - 'we tried our utmost - now it's time for closure'

5 million squid down the pan - but hey - what pictures - Robocop stuff.

Style over substance - ever since the fateful day.

And millions deceived by flight.

Simplistic question - if this is such a pivotal moment in the stop/start investigation:



Anonymous said...

a well deserved break after all these years Joana! thank you so much for all you do xx

Anonymous said...

Its more spin I'm afraid to say...why has it taken this long to search.??
All it does it take away from the evidence of GM seen walking towards the beach holding a child..
Nothing will come of this

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all of your tireless work on this blog Joana..Im from Australia and we receive very little news on the case..what does get through to us is usually BBC stuff so very biased reporting..its thanks to blogs such as this one that I am able to read 'the other side of things..I can tell you that after a lot of "sympathy" initially for the parents..Australians are now starting (slowly albeit) to ask questions and why things don't add up..you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you cant fool all of the people ALL of the time...xx.

Anonymous said...

well well well: at long last our super-efficient plod have decided that the man carrying a child in his arms (who was positively identified as Gerry McCann by the Smith family ) is now a person of interest: when will Gerry McCann's doorbell ring in an early dawn raid ??

Anonymous said...

yes when will the mccanns bell ring in an early dawn raid?

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit confused - I thought the MET have moved on from crèche-dad, aka Tannerman, by-passed the Smiths and now on ''British Lady'' who phoned the Crimewatch programme - thus point to the hills to search.

Oh well - abductors everywhere you look and pervers molesting British (only) children as they sleep in Portugal.

Again with thanks for all the information, translated and when necessary explained

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