1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

And tell the truth!

...come back to Portugal and answer the Portuguese Police...

Pick up the phone and ask British Government to stop interfering into this criminal matter, phone Mr Mitchell and ask him just to shut up as everyone is tired of listening to him. Please phone British Social Services demanding them to condemn McCann's conduct as an example of negligent parenting. Phone Sky News and British newspapers demanding a fair coverage of the story and finally give a call to McCann's and tell them to come back to Portugal and answer the Portuguese Police 40 questions. And tell the truth!

Reporter Sandra Felgueiras for RTP television asks the McCann's whether they gave the children something to help them sleep. Gerry denies it.

Gerry and Kate McCann South Park Style

Poor taste yes...but isn't south park in general?


  1. How dare you,if your PJ were any good at all,this farce would not be going on.
    They have dropped cigarette ash in the apartment,put boot prints of their own on the car,and completely ruined any evidence of an abduction in the apartment too.
    The Mc Canns were advised by their Portugese lawyer not to answer the 40 questions you refer to,they cannot defend themselves to the public or the press because of your archaic privacy laws,and the fact your backward country allow paedophiles to bask in the freedom thats allowed to them by living there.
    Look to your countries inadequacies before you call people liars with absolutely no proof that the parents have done anything to harm a much wanted and deeply loved child.
    Have you no compassion in your soul??

  2. I do have sympathy and compassion in my soul. It goes out to the innocent, to the above suspicion individuals that speak up forthrightly, it goes to those that bring an emotion to my heart; it goes off to those that they, themselves have emotions for me to empathize and identify with.
    I do mind about your opinion, in fact I value it. Despite the fact that yours is an unidentified reaction at least you said something coming from the inner you, even if it is erroneous in some ways I respect you reply… We can’t all have the same views, you know? Maybe you should respect mine.

  3. The way you deal with this issue in the foggy island of yours is absolutely fascinating: everyone knows that the McCann were apallingly negligent when they left a bunch of kids alone in an apartment they couldn't see from the restaurant; everyone knows your government is interfering with an independent State's internal issue, making pressure on our politicians - and Holy Mary!, I'd enjoy pretty much to see what would you say if an American girl disappeared in Cornwall and the U.S. government tried to put pressure on the Scotland Yard to lead the investigations in some direction!
    And yet, what do you lousy kidney-pie-eating-hooligans have to say? «You must have compassion».
    Well, no, sir, I have absolutely no compassion for these horrible human beings who put beer and sardines ahead of their own offspring. They deserve no compassion, because this attitude shows they're animals, and they should be jailed for that.
    About the kidnapping, as it seems the window through which the kidnapper abducted Madeleine was in front of a building full of apartments, in which dozens of tourists... saw nothing????
    Clearly, the McCann's did something. In any other circumstances their friends would feel no need to change their statements, and they wouldn't have run away from here. So please, save your demagogy and emotional blackmail to yourself: negligent parents who fear Justice deserve no respect whatsoever.

    P.S. - Interestingly enough you said nothing about your politicians interference in our investigations. That is, you just wanted to use the supposed of the McCann's towards their daughter to divert the attention from your politicians unspeakably dishonored attitude. But, what the hell?, people in your country think a glass of wine is more important than paying attention to a four year-old: departing from this sense of justice, why would they think interfering in other nation's internal matters is wrong?


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