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PJ arrives today with all the results of the tests


The next week the team that investigates the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, on the 3rd of May will have a hard work. Today the three elements of the Judiciary Police and the vice president of the National Institute of Legal Medicine who traveled on Wednesday to England to meet with the Leicester police and the responsible of the Birmingham laboratory, will return to Portugal with all the results of the forensic tests made on the biological traces collected in the apartment where the child disappeared and in the car rented by her parents.

The team could not bring with them the final report, which will be sent to Portugal by the British Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who then will send it to the public prosecutor. Although the Judiciary Police already have enough material to incriminate or not Maddie's parents in the alleged death and concealment of the body of their daughter. In the next coming days, the results brought from the United Kingdom will be analyzed with magnifying glasses by researchers. The request letter for a new interrogation of the McCanns' and friends will be determined by the conclusions reached from that analysis.

The results of the meeting that took place at the premises of the police in Leicester between the Portuguese group and the five technicians from the Forensic Science Service (FSS) in Birmingham, are officially unknown. The investigators return today to Faro.

The Portuguese team were composed by the inspector Ricardo Paiva, of the DIC of Portimão, the Scientific Technical Police who collected the traces, Viriato Luis Fernando Viegas, and the number two of the National Institute of Legal Medicine, Francisco Corte-Real, who led the team that has done the DNA testing.

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