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Maddie Media Portugal: Formal Accusation (English)

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Maddie Media Portugal

Correio da Manha 27 Nov.

Found in the vehicle
Proof held in safe

A part of the fabric of the car rented by the McCanns is held under high security in England. Its on this piece of cloth that the forensic scientists in Birmingham found traces of Madeleine’s presence

And its on the basis of this fundamental piece of evidence, together with other items collected by the investigation, that the suspicions have become more certain about the involvement of the parents in the disappearance of the English child.
The British scientists who conducted the tests – and they have a reputation of being among the best in the world – are certain that Madeleines DNA didnt pass to the vehicle through transference. They believe that the evidence found proves the presence of the child in the vehicle. A fact that further incriminates the parents since Kate and Gerry hired the Renault Scenic 25 days after their daughter disappeared.
The fact that the piece of fabric so closely guarded in Birmingham also discredits the tests done on the vehicle as ordered by the McCanns themselves. This is because these tests – which don’t show any trace of the child in the vehicle – were carried out on the vehicle after Kate and Gerry were made arguidos. At that stage the piece of cloth had already been removed from the Renault.

The person who discredits these conclusions is Clarence Mitchell, the spokesman for the couple. In his declarations to the press Mitchell insists the tests were detailed and that the whole car was minutely analyzed.

The tests done on the Renault Scenic, as ordered by the McCanns, forms part of the defense strategy their lawyers are setting up to face an eventual charge. Besides tests on the vehicle, Kate and the twins were given tests to prove they had not taken any type of drug.

About the news that Madeleine might have been killed by a paedophile who entered the apartment, Clarence Mitchell confirmed there is nothing to indicate this happened in the apartment. Mitchell confirmed that Kate and Gerry continue to believe the child is alive.
Sources close to the McCanns also confirm that the parents dont believe this theory (the paedophile one). If somebody entered the apartment and killed the child the person would leave the body, and wouldn’t carry the child out in his arms, according to explanation given by this source.
According to current news, Madeleine was killed by a paedophile after she woke up and screamed when she saw him. This person then took away the body.

PJ investigate new areas

During all of last week, agents from the Police Homicide Brigade have searched the land in search of possible locations where Madeleines body could have been left.
The inspectors are part of the team brought by Paulo Rebelo when he took over as coordinator of the the Criminal Investigation department. According to the newspaper CM, they are no longer searching in the Praia da Luz or areas close to where Madeleine disappeared on 3rd May. Further, according to sources connected with the investigation, the detectives are not specifically looking for a body but analysing areas where it could have been left. As mentioned by the newspaper last week, the PJ have mapped out various steps which could come up with matters crucial to the investigation. However, the exact nature of the further investigations remains secret.
PJ in England for evaluation of the forensic exams

In a stage in which the Judicial Police officer (PJ) waits for more than three months for the totality of the results of the forensic analyses effectuated in Forensic Science Service, in Birmingham, in the United Kingdom, a team constituted by four investigators leaves today for that country with the objective to join with the local police officers and experts of the laboratory.

In question is the attempt of doing the point of situation of the expertises effectuated to the hairs, blood and flowed physical recollected in the apartment from where Madeleine McCann disappeared, in the Beach of Luz, as well as in the vehicle rented three weeks after by the parents. The team of the PJ, which will remain three days in England, is composed by two technicians of the laboratory of the Scientific Police and a criminal investigator, as well as an element of the National Institute of Forensic medicine. The meeting with the persons in charge of the laboratory of Birmingham will be tomorrow.

The dislocation to the United Kingdom arises in an occasion in which the investigators fight to the final report of the forensic analyses, determinant to the subsequent Public prosecution service which may add up accusation against the McCann, which were constituted arguidos in September, for suspicion of death and occultation of the corpse of their daughter.

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