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Madeleine targeted?

Gerry McCann’s comments from this BBC article will probably add to the debate over why she and the twins were left alone in the first place.

Mr McCann said that, before Madeleine went missing, he and his wife had been concerned by the security at the back of their Praia da Luz apartment when “maybe the weak spots were at the front”.

“It’s a corner flat with trees overlooking it - somebody could be hiding there or watching out of view,” he said.
He added: “I’ve no doubt that Madeleine was targeted and that makes us sick to the core to think that someone was watching us and our daughter and then targeted her - I think the true word is a predator.

“But you just don’t think there’s any trouble and it’s certainly the furthest thing from our mind.”

Madeleine ,was she being watched?

Normal picture: Gerry playing with the kids, take close attention to the tall guy, and the play house.

Look at the tall guy

Could the tall guy be the same in the white shirt? Is he a cop?

In the Search of M.
Murat and Antonio, the pool cleaner at Mark Warner's Ocean Resort (friend of Murat and husband of Michaela, by its turn girlfriend of Murat)

Is that a guy
hiding inside the play house? Is that a camera?

Definitely another post under the strange connection tag!

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