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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Last night I watched "The Mystery of Madeleine McCann" - A Panorama Special. I was not disappointed because I fully expected that it would be biased in favour of the McCanns version of events. The BBC did make a little bit of an effort to create some semblance of balance, but overall the scales were weighted in favour of the McCanns.

The McCanns opted for trial by media, the old best form of defence is attack approach, it meant that the Defence speaks out before the Prosecution state its case. This unusual get in first approach raises the question why. I suspect it has to do with guilt. I find it annoying that the McCanns chose to go to the media, and then criticise the media when the media starts questioning the McCanns version of events and judging them.

Jane Tanner did not come across as a witness who could be believed. She has switched her story more times than a chameleon changing colour. And, I find it odd that Gerry McCann went to play tennis at 6pm with Jeremy Wilkins and then asks him to look in on Kate and the children at 6.30pm. Why? Especially, when Gerry McCann returned to the apartment at 7pm. It would appear that Gerry could not trust Kate to look after the children for half an hour without checking up on her.

What a surprise that the private detective agency employed by the McCanns have come up with a lead that leads the chase away from the McCann camp.

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