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Panorama report and the McCann's


Panorama gave a reasonably fair appraisal of the situation BUT no comments or questions from the reporter of the Jane Tanner’s Panorama airtime actually in asking her directly some very pertinent questions to explain the reasons since the night of May 3rd quite why her ever changing storyline and script has been subject to so many frequent changes and embellishments.

To recap…..first she saw a matchstick man carrying a bundle of clothes. Within weeks the matchstick man became egg man….followed by a man with no face (with long hair) then changed to become dressed like a geography teacher and carrying a bundle wrapped up in a blanket that miraculously then had grown legs……then the legs became covered in pinky child’s pyjamas and had bare feet. What did Jane Tanner see and discount that day (in all honesty) and what does Jane Tanner now see and share with the media (as previously primed by the McCann’s) to relate to their own cock and bull story?

No mention by panorama of the teen that was having a crafty cigarette at the same time who does not recall Jane Tanner passing by. Jane Tanner never saw the teen but the teen certainly did not see her or some matchstick egg man at the same time that Tanner and the teen were yards away from each other and the stick insect/egg man/ now was carrying a body – now dressed- now with hair – now carrying a blanket that has now has grown legs, and now with pink pyjama bottoms and now with bare feet…….

Forgetful of the fact that initial reports put Jane Tanner as seated with the tapas 8 (the tapas 9th, aka Kate was supposedly checking on the children) when Kate raised the alarm that Madeleine was missing and Jane Tanner was eating at the table - no, she was actually in the apartment above - having passed Gerry and friend and crafy ciggaarette smoking teen who never even saw her but Kate actually saw someone carrying a body out across the road that an independent witness so nearby never ever saw.....oh, its so bloody confusing!!!

Forgetful of the fact that it now is reported that Jane Tanner was actually in the apartment above the McCann’s apartment when Kate rushed the wrong way in her apartment (wrong direction to the Tapas bar) to have a 'balcony scene' and to shout and scream an alarm, and the fact that Jane did not hear anything at all at that time and did not hear Kate scream from the balcony below her (opposite side to the Tapas bar) before Kate then ran 150 yards to the tapas bar to alert all their friends (including Jane Tanner) of Madeleine's vanishing act (at that point Gerry purportedly "roared like a bull") Forget a witness that lived above and offered to call the police 40 minutes earlier and were rebufffed. Forget the fact that the PJ were only notified 40 minutes later and after umpteen of Gerry's SMS's on his mobile phone that he sent to people unknown.

Now on to dear old stiff Gerry / controlling of the media reports/ very hard and unemotional Gerry with his links to the Government and to friends that just happen to be assistants to his multi million blog/fund.... as only he allows news leaks to be publicised/checked for publication and appraisal before print via the all controlling very clever businessman Gerry's approval.

…….The Gerry who checked his children and earlier stated that the door to their bedroom was more open than usual and immediately thought that Madeleine had gone for a drink and had put herself to bed in his/Kate’s bed (as she was apt to do) then his Panorama comment quoting him as how he looked down at her sleeping frame that night that she vanished and felt so blessed that he had such a wonderful child. He stated he did not see her but now he states that he did - how many bottles of wine out of the Tapas 9 consumed 14 bottles did he personally drink that night? Make your mind up please Gerry and stick to just one storyline would you?

Jane Tanner can not be in two places at once! Gerry either sticks to one story or the other. Panorama would have done well to have read up on Gerry’s own blog before they made their broadcast and asked the pertinent questions that the world is asking……or does Gerry have total control of the Panorama’s output to the media? Nothing would surprise me.

For heavens sakes – if people want to commit a crime and disguise it by inventive frequently changing scripts then would all concerned please at least all try to keep to the same story – Jane Tanner’s contradictions of her own contradictions of events that contradict her latest contradictory story have more holes in them than Swiss cheese, and Gerry has slipped up big time because he forgot his first story of events concerning May 3rd that he shared with the media as opposed to his new story that he shared with Panorama a few days ago.

I really hope the PJ are taking note

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  1. I think this post should be re-visited!

  2. Surely if Maddie had been picked up from her bed, going on its position in the room, her head and shoulders would have rested on the abductors right arm, so Jane Tanner could only have seen the `head end` not the `feet end`.

    But then perhaps she was handed from one person to another which would explain the change over.

    All very confusing.


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