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Publico:PJ admits innocence of the couple McCann

(English translation)

The PJ admits the hypothesis of Madeleine McCann to have been killed, in the apartment, by an intruder, who then transported and hid her body. This new theory of murder was reinforced by the evidence of a friend of the couple, who affirmed to have seen, in the night of the 3rd of May, a man with a child to the lap, on the road, near the aldeamento Ocean Club c Portugal

PJ admits innocence of the couple McCann

26.11.2007, Paula Torres de Carvalho e Idálio Revez

Madeleine might have been killed
in the apartment by an intruder
which, then, moved the body
and it hid it. It is one of the hypotheses

This is the drawing of the man that Tanner will have seen, done for a specialist and that the family McCann disclosed

It was easy to know the routines of the couple MacCann. Rarely they went out from the aldeamento of the Beach of Luz where they were spending holidays in the Algarve for a week. They were walking and eating to hours more or less specific in the company of their group of friends. The children were going to bed as they did back in England. The night it was for the adults. It was easy for whoever was observing to gain the knowledge on how to enter in the apartment - in the twilight, when Kate and Gerry were moving away for dinner and the movement was lessening in the street. The opportunity would appear, would be easy to be brought near, to touch, to smell the fragile blond girl and of big eyes.
It was in an instant. But an unforeseen circumstance betrayed the expectations of the wish. A scream of the British child, awaken of her sleep. The fear that was heard. The urgency of to concealing. The violence. Probably the asphyxia. And the unexpected death. Completely in minutes. Now, it was necessary to take away it from there. To close the door. To escape quickly.
This explanation for the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, in the night of the 3rd of May, already had been practically removed as a hypothesis by the investigators of the PJ. But, at present, winning more and more grounds in the nucleus of investigation.
The evidence of one of the friends of the couple who also was spending holidays in the Beach of Luz contributed to reinforce this theory. Jane Tanner affirmed to have seen, on this night, a man with a child to the lap, on the road, near the “aldeamento” (PDL).
This is one of the other hypotheses that are now being appreciated by PJ of Portimão, besides another which points to the possible involvement of the couple McCann in the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine. The convictions on which a little time ago the police officers were relying became more fragile, especially after the person in charge of the directorship of Portimão, Paul Rebelo, begun to lead the investigation.
A group of experienced police officers has joined him in several areas of the criminal investigation to examine, now, a “tree of hypotheses " of what have happened in the night in which Maddie disappeared from room where she was sleeping with her twin brothers in Ocean Club. The probability of her disappearance at the hands of an intruder is seriously respected again, though none of other hypotheses is excluded.
Discreetly, the investigators keep on working in the case up to high hours of the night, either in the land, or working in the preparation of reports and in the discussion of the collected data, considering new hypotheses and removing others. In the installations of the PJ, the lights do not go out until very late.
The investigation is extended for England. The preparations are being already finalized for the travel of the inspectors of the PJ who take a specialist in DNA and the magistrate of the Public prosecution service. They will take the rogatory letters containing the questions for the English police query of Kate and Gerry McCann.
End of the secret justice?
Contradicting the expectations as for the usefulness of the results of the analyses carried out by the laboratory of Birmingham to the tracks gathered in the apartments of the Beach of Luz and in the cars of the couple MacCann and of their friends for the enlightenment of the case, some persons in charge of the PJ think that in nothing they will contribute to give new leads to the police.
They doubt also that the dogs used by the English police could have detected odor to corpse. If the child, in fact, died in the room, will the short period in which there it remained have been sufficient so that odors have been freed? What processes of biological transformation take place in the first hour after the death? There are questions for which they look for answer.
If the judge is to decree the end of the secret justice and to authorize that the process is made publicly into the beginning of next year, obliging the new standards of the Penal Process Code, this might result in great twist in the investigation.
The new law that privileges the publicity regarding the secret establishes that all the processes are public under penalty of nullity and the Public prosecution service is obliged applying for the secret of justice for the cases in which it understands that these need enlivening. The arguidos ones, in this case, the couple McCann and Robert Murat, will be able to consult the process and apply for new diligence.
For some inspectors of the PJ, that will be able to represent the beginning of a new investigation.
In the Beach of Luz, the blind is run and the door of the apartment of where Maddie disappeared is shut. The tourists left, the streets are semi deserted and Ocean Club closed till next summer time. But the journalists keep appearing, from time to time, in the attempt of finding some piece of news and the people of the land still look, around, searching for Maddie.

In the Box:
Press centers attentions in a German


Spanish detectives with new informations

Michaela Walczuch, a 34-year-old, resident German in the Algarve, was this weekend the central character in the stories published by the British press on the case Madeleine McCann. The Mirror announced that there are “doubts on the alibi” that the woman - described Robert Murat’s Girlfriend, arguido in the case Maddie - offered for the evening of the 3rd of May, when the girl disappeared. The Mirror says that the German woman” lied" to the police and she was not, as she said when it was questioned, in a meeting of Jehovah's Witnesses, in Lagos. The Mirror quotes even a member of the Witnesses, Teófilo Castela. Also the detectives of the Method 3, Spanish enterprise hired by Kate and Gerry McCann, are investigating Walczuch and Murat. To Method 3, according to the Telegraph, that they have new informations on the connection of both to Maddie's disappearance. There are persons who say they have seen Walczuch with a girl to the lap, in Silves, in May, and in Morocco, later.

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