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Censuras & Difamação II

O post em baixo foi retirado de http://trannyfattyacid.blogspot.com a propósito deste "senhor" e das censuras e posts apagados que tem vindo a surgir um pouco por todo lado :


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The Secrets on the UKIP Hard Drive

The Piers Merchant email story shows no sign of going away.

This post has appeared on the Mirror Forums, the previous post was deleted due to the current crack down of free speech: which explains the reference at the beginning of the post.

"I am absoluetely appalled that my post, which I reproduce below, has been deleted without explanation. I am posting under my full name, and I can be contacked on calvintucker AT hotmail.co.uk

My name is Calvin Tucker and I am a freeance writer and editor of http://21stcenturysocialism.com

UKIP's press officer told me this afternoon Roger Knapman MEP is categorically denying that his spokesman, Piers Merchant, has accused the Portuguese police of being corrupt. According to UKIP, the email sent to Mirror forum member BB2007 "had been doctored".

UKIP said that Piers Merchant would not allow his computer hard drive to examined by an expert.

In 1997 Mr Merchant was forced to resign as an MP following a sex scandal involving a teenage girl. The UKIP spokesman said that Mr Merchant's admission that he had issued a "deliberately misleading" public statement in an attempt to cover up the scandal was not relevant to the controversy over the authenticity of the email sent to the Mirror forum member.

The UKIP spokesman refused to comment on whether Mr Knapman would resign his seat in the European Parliament should the email be authenticated, and described the question as "one which no politician would answer"."

It would seem this post is slightly amended because apparently the original post read:

"UKIP also said that Piers Merchant would not allow his computer hard drive to examined by an expert, and that the lady who received the email had "a history of doing this sort of thing".

The obvious question is if Mr Merchant is so sure that his original statement did not include the accusation of corruption, why is he refusing to allow his hard drive to be inspected?

I suppose one explanation might be that it contains certain images that he would not like the world to see. Which is fair enough, given that he is a politician who has already been through a sex scandal (twice) and doesn't want to attract adverse headlines.

Though the other alternative is that Ms Barnes' has not doctored the email, Mr Merchant knows this and doesn't want to be branded a liar.

And Mr Knapman also appears to be backtracking. Because it clearly is a question that a politician can answer, if that politician were prepared to allow his assistant's computer to be examined.

And it was only yesterday that Mr Knapman was quoted as saying:

""It sounds fair enough. Piers has very carefully investigated this matter and responded on my behalf.""

There is also potential trouble for Mr Knapman in the European Parliament as a group of Portugese MEP's have expressed their displeasure at Mr Merchant's views: which Mr Knapman seemingly supports.


The matter has made it onto Portugese television.

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  1. Vou óbviamente fazer-lhe referência para o seu excelente trabalho. Esta parece ser uma das vias alternativas que teremos que tomar em massa aqui na blogosfera, para nos defendermos desta da barbaridade dos ataques à nossa honra.
    Parabéns Joana Morais.

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