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Special: McCann connections to British government hamper investigation

Finally... The strange connections are not my imagination....

24horas magazine, Nov. 24 2007


PJ Accuses – Political pressures Stall Maddie Case – Investigation at Dead End

The father of the missing little girl was about to be assigned to a position in the team led by Gordon Brown, the British Prime-Minister… additionally, sources from Portuguese authorities reveal to 24horas some “not very normal” facts…


“A lot of political pressures were made in this case and the investigations were seriously harmed”. The statement is made by a judicial official who’s been following the Madeleine McCann case since the first hour, who asked for anonymity for fear of having the same fate as Gonçalo Amaral, the Policia Judiciária (PJ) investigator who was demoted from the position of coordinator of the Criminal Investigation Department of Portimão.

“Nobody is allowed to make any comment about the case. The national director, Alípio Ribeiro, gave express orders to set up the “lei da rolha” [cork cap law, an euphemism for censorship in Portugal under Salazar], under penalty of disciplinary action being taken against anyone that provides information about the course of the investigation. The orders were transmitted by a top official of the Justice Ministry and in the name of minister Alberto Costa,” the same source denounced.

After a source of minister Alberto Costa was contacted, a denial came out immediately: “We don’t interfere with the judicial process. The courts are sovereignty bodies that have nothing to do with the government. It’s crazy to say that we are pressuring justice”.

However, as another PJ official emphasized, the truth is that it’s the Ministry of Justice’s competence to name the national director of that institution: “It’s a political job. The national director must obey the directives of the minister, under penalty of resignation. To say that he’s independent is just rhetorics”.

The pressures upon the Polícia Judiciária in the case of the little girl who disappeared on May 3 reached the point of involving the Prime-Minister itself of the United Kingdom, Gordon Brown, a friend of Gerry McCann and of his family. During a sojourn in Portugal, Brown discussed the issue with José Socrates.

Governmental sources assured 24horas that the British leader demanded maximum commitment to the investigations, stressing his conviction in the couple’s innocence. This fact may have forced Alípio Ribeiro to appoint Paulo Rebelo, a national adjoint director, to head the investigations.

“The coordinator Gonçalo Amaral was punished for telling the truth. That is, the British authorities were boycotting the PJ’s work and investigated only what was favourable to the McCanns. But that is still happening, without the Portuguese government or our magistrates denouncing the situation”, accuses a judicial official.

The political influences of Madeleine McCann’s parents went as far as the prime-minister himself, Gordon Brown, dispensing his press assessor, Clarence Mitchell, to be the McCanns’ spokesperson, a fact that caused puzzlement among all the British and Portuguese press. Since he took up the position, Mitchell has been promoting a series of leads that point to the thesis that the child was abducted.


A top Scotland Yard official publicly accused the investigators of not having adequately sealed the Ocean Club apartment where Maddie slept and of having permitted the contamination of the evidence. Also, a British Member of the European Parliament said loudly that the PJ was incompetent, a fact that prompted the indignation of all Portuguese Members of the European Parliament.

The alleged obstructions to the PJ investigation started in the first hour. “When we arrived at the location, it seemed there had been an earthquake in the apartment. Everything was turned upside down, and there were more than ten people there, who had messed with everything. How could the evidence not be contaminated? Of course we isolated the location, but a lot of stuff had already been moved about”, explained a source connected to the investigations.

The priority in the first day was not to collect evidence, as the same police source reveals: “The starting presupposition was that the little girl had disappeared. Only later was the investigation directed towards the occurrence of a homicide or an abduction. The time that was lost was fatal. But the McCanns allowed for the destruction of evidence that would be fundamental to clearing up what happened”.

The lack of the forensics that are still blocked in a Birmingham laboratory, as well as the fact that the records of the phone calls made by the McCanns and the friends they had dinner with in the day of the disappearance of the child were not sent to the PJ, are just two of the examples mentioned by several investigators as “not very normal facts”.

The direct intervention of the British ambassador in the investigatons and the phone calls made from several British ministry offices to the Ministry of Justice and to the Portuguese Prime-Minister are other examples pointed out by the investigators “of the boycott being carried out against the investigations by British political and police authorities”.


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In our October 20 edition, 24horas reported exclusively about Gerry McCann’s web of power. Maddie’s father is a member of an extremely important state committee of experts on nuclear energy, an industry that is fundamental in the United Kingdom and that has Richard Branson as a big supporter. Curiously, the millionaire was one of the most enthusiastic supporters (mainly with money) of the fund created by the McCanns. Besides, the brother of the British prime-minister works in the nuclear branch. And it was him, John, who introduced the McCanns to Gordon Brown. Too many coincidences only?


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