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Carlos Tomás in 24Horas

The house belongs to Ruth Margaret McCann, but Kate and Gerry McCann affirm they don't know her.

The house where the McCanns stayed in Praia da Luz, Lagos, Algarve, belongs to a woman also called McCann and not to the Ocean Club.
Confronted with the possibility of being a relative of Maddie's parents, Clarence Mitchell denied saying that is "a strange and remarkable coincidence".
The apartment A, number 5, locate at Rua Dr. Agostinho da Silva, Montes da Luz Urbanization, Praia da luz, is registered with the number 3666. In 2001 the house was bought by a kind of society belonging to Daniel John Aldred, Michael William McCann and the daughter of the latest (daughter of his 1st marriage) Donna Michelle Aldred and the wife, Ruth Margaret McCann. Michael McCann born in Devonport, Plymouth was a widow when he married Margaret Ruth Pittaway, now with 53 years old also a widow in 1987.
In 2005 Michael and Ruth bought the part of the Aldred couple keeping each of them 50% of the apartment.
Later in July 2006 Michael McCann died in Liverpool and in November of the same year Ruth McCann inherited her part becoming the only proprietor.

No break in

24 Horas learnt through judicial sources that Ruth was never heard by the Portuguese authorities. Clarence Mitchell said that this was the first time that the couple was in Portugal. The authorities did not detected any evidence of break in when they searched the house to collect vestiges. A judicial source connected to the investigation said that would be very difficult that someone would break in the house without leaving traces. The stories of the McCanns and their friends that dinned at the Tapas Bar differ : Some say that the door was closed and Maddie's bedroom window was open. Others say that both the door and the and the window were closed. The apartment, by judicial order has remained closed since 4 of May.


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