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Update Carlos Anjos: Facts about McCann crime scene

'Pros e Contras', RTP1, Sept. 10 2007

Rough translation:

C.A. :(...) Allow me to just say one thing.
This case had a distinctive feature, that when it was endorsed into the media, this was made in an erroneously approach in our point of view; and the McCann couple launched their daughter's advertising campaign. At the time we were embarked upon the abduction issue.
Maddie had a perceptible, extremely visible sign in one of her eyes.
If this had been a kidnap issue it would had been terrible for the child.
If that child was hypothetically put up for sale or for whatever thing else, she would be absolutely… It was her death sentence.
That issue, in that day, of the exposure of that photograph was the downright condemnation of death for that child.

F.L.: And the parents didn’t take regard that as being crucial?!

C.A.: Nobody took that into account.
German criminologist Christian Pfeiffer, of the Insitutute for Criminological Research in Hanover, believes that the massive publicity surrounding Madeleine's case carries risks.

'The extreme publicity could put pressure on the abductors,' he said, which could have negative consequences for the child. On the other hand, added Pfeiffer, the pictures could alert witnesses who would not normally remember the child's face.

But after four weeks of a high-profile campaign that had brought no tangible result, the publicity efforts had reached saturation point and should be stopped, Pfeiffer suggested.

'The constant pictures don't help. It is important for the publicity to die down now,' Pfeiffer told Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa.

Only if Madeleine was out of the news, there could a chance that her abductors would show themselves with her, he said.

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