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Update: Roger Knapman

...mystery of the Piers Merchant email...

UKIP Calls Everyone a Liar

The mystery of the Piers Merchant email deepens.

I have just recieved a reply from Mr Knapman with regard to the question of how Brigette Barnes' name got into the public domain, and about comments made to Calvin Tucker:

"Thank you for your email to Roger Knapman MEP. I have spoken to Mr Knapman about your inquiry and he would like to make it clear that he has at no stage made any comment to anyone about Brigette Barnes. Nor, as far as we can ascertain, has any member of his staff. Calvin Tucker has not contacted or spoken to Mr Knapman either, nor to any of his staff.

I hope this answers the point you raised."

Not really is the honest answer but I will keep digging.

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