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British Media Lying Again

Henrique Machado in Correio da Manhã

Controversy: British say Jose Manuel Anes attacked the PJ

After contacting José Manuel Anes, the 'Daily Mail' published yesterday only two answers of the four questions asked. "One of them was even distorted. I made a general assessment on criminal law without criticizing the investigation of the Madeleine's case in concrete. "What the criminologist said," but that it was not published, "was that" the McCanns have moral guilt, for abandoning the children - and that there is a powerful and influential family lobby that conditions the information. "

The newspaper also quotes the interview with the former specialist of the Laboratory of Forensic Science, 63 years old, published in the book 'The Guilt of the McCanns' and that "has now been distorted in the British press."

The criminologist confirms to the CM that he said that "you can spend lots of money on tests, but when there is not a good preservation of the site of the crime, there is nothing that can be done - is a complete waste of time." He guarantees that he said that keeping "the due the distance in relation to the case in concrete." He just made "a general assessment on criminal investigation."

Yesterday, the statements made by Jose Manuel Anes were "distorted" as they could be read in the 'Daily Mail'. The expert would have said that no suspect will face the court in this case because of the mistakes made by the police in the hours after the crime. Lawyers for the defense would destroy the scientific evidence presented. Clarence Mitchell, spokesman for the couple, soon came to public stating: "It is alarming to hear Mr Anes."


The British press published yesterday that the Portuguese police will submit new traces collected in the apartment of the Ocean Club where the McCanns spent holidays for analysis in the laboratory in Birmingham. According to the 'Daily Mail', they can point to the death of Maddie. But a source connected to the process told the CM that it "makes no sense".


The book that is causing controversy in England is from the journalist Manuel Catarino, editor chief of the CM. It has a preface and an interview, respectively by the criminologists Francisco Moita Flores and Jose Manuel Anes and has been the target of criticism by the spokesperson of the McCanns. The day after it was launched, on December 6, Clarence Mitchell said that lawyers are considering a lawsuit.

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