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GERRY McCann shocked locals by playing tennis days after Madeleine disappeared


GERRY McCann shocked locals by playing tennis days after Madeleine disappeared, a witness said last night(23th October 2007).

Waiter Jose Baptista, 45, said he found it “really strange” to see Gerry on the court as the world was looking for his daughter. Gerry and Kate regularly went jogging during the hunt, too.
The tapas bar worker said he was also amazed he never saw the couple cry.

He told detectives he was surprised the McCanns could stay “so cool”. Jose rarely saw them display any emotion away from the TV cameras.
He said: “They are very cool people. I never saw them cry or anything.

“A few days after the little girl disappeared, Gerry was playing tennis. If my kid disappeared I’d go insane. I wouldn’t be able to function.

“All the staff commented about how they were able to play tennis and things and behave so calmly. Everybody around them seemed more upset than they were.”

CRIME writer Patricia Cornwell reckons Madeleine’s mum holds the key to the case.

The US author said police should focus on what Kate McCann said when she discovered her daughter missing.

According to witnesses, the GP screamed: “They’ve taken her, they’ve taken her!”

In an interview with TV show Good Morning America, Cornwell, 51, admitted she was “disturbed” by the remarks.

“We don’t know the truth, but why would you say: ‘They’?

“And why would you immediately assume someone ‘took’ the child?”


  1. Have to agree with all observations. Strange behaviour.

  2. Just like Darlie Routier that killed her two sons, laughing at the graves and calling the press to film her there. Only cried when caught lying on the stand about naming two men in her jail house letters. No emotion or sadness. The McCanns are guilty as well.


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