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It's all about money - not about finding Madeleine

24 December: McCanns may ask media to pay (More??!)

The parents of Madeleine McCann may ask the media to pay for interviews and unreleased footage of their daughter. Nearly half the £1.2m given to Madeleine’s Fund has gone on advertising and to pay £50,000 a month to the detective agency leading the search.

Oh yes it's all the Portuguese Press Fault

2 December: Maddie's Uncle In Fund Fury

THE uncle of missing Madeleine McCann has blamed negative stories about the family for the drop in donations to their fighting fund.

Around £700,000 of the £1.1million raised has been spent in the hunt for Maddie, who disappeared in Portugal on May 3.

Donations to the Find Madeleine Fund dropped following lurid stories after her parents Kate and Gerry were named as official suspects.

The fund brings in around £10,000 a month but the family are paying out £50,000 a month to private detectives.

Gerry's brother, John, of Glasgow, said: "The funds aren't anywhere near the level they were a few months ago thanks to a lot of the crap that's been written over here."

Meanwhile, Portuguese police are set to reinterview the McCanns and their friends, the so-called Tapas Seven.

ReLaunch for more (nedded) funds

Philomena selling yellow ribbons

It's another way of making money

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