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Key witness leaves country

An employee of the Ocean Club left Portugal to avoid possible pressure of the McCanns

The investigation is stalled and there is no green light to the several interrogatories that will take place in England

Carlos Tomás in 24 Horas

An employee of the Ocean Club considered as an important witness in the disappearance of Maddie at 3rd of May, at Praia da Luz, Lagos has abandoned the country - by advise of the authorities - to avoid possible pressures of the McCanns concerning the deposition he gave, revealed yesterday the British newspaper "Daily Star". 24 Horas discovered that this testimony is considered vital by the Public Prosecutor, since it describes the behaviour of the McCanns and the seven friends with whom they dinned at the Tapas Bar not only when Kate entered screaming "They've taken her" as well as during the meal in which the group consumed more than 10 bottles of wine and digestives namely amarguinha (Bitter almond liqueur).
Judicial responsible connected to the investigations said that they are not aware of the supposed "escape" of the witness although they do not put aside the hypothesis that the employee is absent of the country. "It is a citizen that is not arguido in the investigation and that has total freedom. He can go wherever he wants. In this festive season there are lots of people that leave the country. There is nothing special in that fact", said a source contacted by the 24 Horas denying that the PJ has suggested to the witness to leave the country and also adding that in this investigation no one has personal protection.
According to the British newspapers, the employee was approached by the private investigators of the Spanish agency Metodo 3 that is helping the McCanns in the attempt to find Maddie.
Francisco Pagarete, Robert Murat's lawyer criticises this fact: " Several witnesses of the investigation were approached by those individuals that continue to harass my client". The investigation is stopped.

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