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Marketing Maddie


In a startling move, Kate and Gerry McCann will throw all the remaining cash in the Find Madeleine fund at a new team of private investigators to mount a covert operation in Portugal.

Spanish detective agency Metodo 3, which has already been paid £300,000 from the fund could be axed after crisis talks on January 9.

With less than £650,000 remaining in the coffers, Kate and Gerry are now under pressure to accept a number of lucrative book deals.

Over the holiday the couple, who have decided not to give each other Christmas presents this year, will also consider offers from film makers and chat shows prepared to pay for interviews or access to their home in Rothley, Leics.

Last night John McCann, Gerry’s brother and fund trustee, said: “We are aware the money has been running out for some time and know we have to do everything we can before it is gone.

“We will now look at other options while there is still a chance we can find Madeleine alive. We will consider British private detectives and we have close contacts in America who may be able to help.

“The one thing we must look at is informal forms of investigation and that could mean operating inside Portugal even though it is something we have not been allowed to do yet.”

Any private investigation within Portugal would break that country’s law.

Their wealthy benefactors, including Sir Richard Branson, have promised to continue funding their legal defence if they face charges over Madeleine’s disappearance.

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