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McCann may return to Portugal

Investigation: The PJ admits to ask the couple to return to Portugal

João Mira Godinho / TL

Investigation: PJ admits to ask to the couple to come to Portugal
McCann can return

Kate and Gerry McCann and the friends who were with them on vacation in the Praia da Luz might be called to come to Portugal. Even though the PJ request in the rogatory letters, which are about to follow journey, is to question all the members of the group in England.

"In the letters, which are practically ready and should follow this week, more things can be asked than those things that will be made there," explained to the CM a source connected to the process.

The same source confirmed that it will ask "to hear the McCanns' and all their friends who have been in Portugal for a holiday", but only “when the due diligence begins in British ground this will establish if someone is necessary to return to Portugal”.

“It may be necessary to do some identification or confrontation”, it continues, “as it is not certain that all of them are to be questioned there. The decision will be taken accordingly as events go by. ”

It is remembered that, when they left Portugal, Kate and Gerry McCann guaranteed that they would return if the national authorities asked it and if such was necessary to the investigation.

Almost definite is that the men of PJ, that are going to Britain to attend interrogations, will only travel next week. “After the confirmation that the letters will follow, there are still a series of procedures to meet until they schedule the voyage”, explained the above-mentioned source. It is necessary to coordinate everything with the Public prosecution service, to send the missives, wait for the authorization of the British authorities and, after all this, to schedule the travels and the hotels of the inspectors.

The PJ is awaiting the final results of the examinations that are being conducted in the Laboratory of Birmingham, but they "are not essential" for the conclusion of the rogatory letters, assured the quoted source.

In the rogatory letters, besides the requests to speak with Madeleine’s Parents and all the friends who were in Portugal, will be dozens of questions. The interviews will be conducted by the British authorities with the inspectors of PJ attending to the procedure.


To "distinguish the various members of a family is required a greater amount of genetic material," explained to the CM Fatima Pinheiro, specialist of the Institute of Forensic Medicine.

Specifying that she does not refer to any specific case or to the tests that are being made in Birmingham, Fatima Pinheiro said that when they analyzed "or the Y chromosomes or mitochondrial DNA" the brothers shared genetic information. Therefore, to distinguish them we need to study the “autosomal genetic markers”, nuclear DNA." And while the mitochondrial DNA exists in "many copies" in cells, the nuclear is "single copy," says the specialist.

In this way, to distinguish between Madeleine and her twin brothers, Sean and Amelie, the scientists in the laboratory of Birmingham need to find nuclear DNA in the samples gathered in Renault Scénic. Only then thay will only be able to say with security that the child was in the vehicle rented by the parents 25 days after the disappearance. This happens when you know that the collected samples are of reduced dimensions.



A British diplomat in Portugal alerted the Foreign Office (equivalent to our Ministry of the Foreign Business) for “inconsistencies” in the statements of the McCann, after visiting them in the Algarve, shortly after Maddie's disappearance. The diplomat said there are “confused declarations” and lack of co-operation” with the Portuguese police.


In the same letter of notice, revealed by the Belgian newspaper 'La Dernière Heure', the diplomat asked: “Please confirm to me, in the light of these concerns, that we want to continue to be closely involved in the case as was requested in your previous message.”


Officials of Foreign Office who accompanied the case in Portugal were retired: Ambassador John Buck was substituted and Consul Bill Henderson and the advisor Sheree Dodd retired.

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