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McCanns "Cyberwarriors"

One element of the McCann PR operation is to organize teams of 'cyberwarriors':Our group is called 'Helpingtofind Madeleine'. We have many members, all people who have contacted us stating their willingness to help in some way. In order to help you decide whether you'd like to join our group, allow us to tell you a bit about what we're doing.We are in touch with the campaign manager, and our group works to compliment and work alongside that of the main campaign...Our whole group is sub-divided into smaller groups, each with a leader, each working together in their 'mission'. Some groups are working on targeting specific countries, and flooding that country with the campaign in a very organised and controlled manner. Other groups are working more specifically on fund raising ideas and keeping the campaign high on the media agenda etc. We're not a support group, (although we ARE supportive!), and although we do have a group forum, its not a chat forum, its for the group to use for communication. Should you think that you might like to join us in assisting the search for Madeleine... please email back at the following email address.

As you know, HTFM - HelpingTo Find Madeleine has been established to help the McCann family in a number of practical and other ways. We are organising a day of fasting and praying for Madeleine and other missing children.

If you are a spiritual person, fasting and praying is widely recognised as a very powerful thing to do. If you aren't especially spiritual / religious, you may wish to participate as a way of showing your support to the McCann family who are going through unimaginable anguish.

The fast will take place on Monday 3 December, from dawn to dusk, or longer if you choose.
You can choose your own fast, whether it be no food and water, no food, or not having eating something you would normally enjoy (e.g., a no chocolate fast!).

The day of fasting and prayer is a dedication to Madeleine' and all other missing children around the world.

For Madeleine and her family, specific prayer points include:

1. A much-needed break-through in the investigation - for pivotal evidence to surface and be investigated competently.

2. The exposure of, and an end to, the corruption that has occurred in the police investigation.

3. The imminent rescue of Madeleine, and her safe return to her family.

4. Justice, peace and healing for the McCann family.

For those Christians who will be fasting, you might like to dedicate Psalms 20, 70 and 71 to Madeleine and her family. In Psalms 70 and 71, I just replace "me" with "Madeleine and her family".

It has been said that praying and fasting can bring on miracles ...

Reina Michaelson
HTFM member of Team Spain

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