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The McCann's inquest is in her hands

The interviews to the McCanns is in the hands of Jacqui Smith.

The PJ requests but it is the Secretary who decides.

The Letter Rogatory will be dispatched by diplomatic channels and when arrived in England the Government will have 48 hours to take a decision.

The British Government has the authority to decide if the Judicial Police would or not re-interview the parents of Madeleine and their seven friends that were spending their vacations with them in the Algarve, in May, when the little girl vanished. According to the British press, this decision should be taken by the Home Secretary, Jacqueline Jill Smith, in 48 hours, after the arrival of the Letter Rogatory.

According to what has discovered the 24Horas, the Letter, in which the Portuguese Authorities did request the new inquiries, should be dispatched through the diplomatic channel before reaching the hands of the Gordon Brown's Home Secretary.

Jacqui, 44 years, as she is named by the British press, has shocked the British society when she admitted that during the 80's she smoked cannabis. The aim of this confession was to discourage the youth to use drugs.

Yes, "I have, I did when I was at university", she said. This information has been made public a day after the appointment of Gordon Brown at the head of the British anti drugs program.

Questioned about the fact that this revelation could prevent her to exercise her mission, the Home Secretary said that she doesn't touch drugs since 25 years. Further more, she said that the politicians are criticized for their lack of not knowing what it is happening. In her case it will be a critic that no one will able to do to her.

Jacqui Smith did enter the Government by the hands of Tony Blair. Later she helped Gordon Brown to make the transition. As a reward, the new Prime Minister handled her to the Home Office.

Concerning the McCanns' case, it's not the first time that the Home Secretary appears. When Kate and Gerry went to England after being made formal suspects, Jacqui was the spokesman of the British Government. At that time, the Home Secretary said that London would give all the support to the PJ. And, she did recognize in an interview to the BBC that "the situation is difficult" and she added that all "shared the objective of finding Madeleine".

A transcript excerpt from the BBC Interview:

ANDREW MARR: And you're going to keep that, OK, well it's good to get that cleared up. Let me ask you about the main story of the day. British police have been involved as well as the Portuguese police in this terrible McCann story.

Are you, from what you've heard, convinced that the Portuguese police are to be trusted and are playing fair with the McCann family, because they clearly worry that they're not being?

JACQUI SMITH: Well, and of course everybody worries, because at the heart of this of course is a little girl that has gone missing. You know, I'm clear that the Portuguese police have the objective of sorting, of solving this crime and most importantly, you know, of finding Madeleine. And that's what we in our support of the McCanns have tried to do as well.

That's what through some of the expertise that has gone from the UK we've tried to do. And that of course is the priority. This is a difficult situation, it's an ongoing investigation but I'm confident that we share the objective of finding Madeleine and that's the most important thing of course.

ANDREW MARR: So if, I mean, you trust the Portuguese police, the McCanns are coming back to this country. Now if the Portuguese police want them back for more questioning will you make sure that happens?

JACQUI SMITH: Well, that's not for me to decide, you know, that is part of the case. And actually the McCanns have been very clear that they want to do absolutely everything in order to find Madeleine.

ANDREW MARR: And you'll carry on supplying expertise to Portugal?

JACQUI SMITH: Where we're asked to supply that expertise we will, where we can support the family but the support particularly making sure that we find Madeleine we'll do that.

ANDREW MARR: And if the McCanns, as it's reported, are appealing to the government because they're worried about the way the forensic evidence is being treated. Is that the kind of thing the British government can help them with?

JACQUI SMITH: Well I think it's very important that the Portuguese case and the Portuguese investigation is able to continue. But where we've been asked for specialist help, and of course for the, some of the world leading forensic specialists that we have, we will provide those in order to make sure that this investigation is happening on the basis of the very best information and the very best investigatory skills.

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