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The Mccanns would be in jail if they were Portuguese


In a statement directed at Maddie’s parents and to [Portuguese] national justice system, Hernâni Carvalho reinforces the accusation of the McCanns.

For RTP [“Portugal’s BBC”], where he worked for 21 years, he did war reports in Bosnia, Honduras, Timor, Gambia, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Later, at SIC [TV network], he did police chronicles in the morning programs, an angle that he took with him to TVI [TV network] — where he is now — with the slot Crime, He Said. Author of the ‘Maddie 129’ book, he was the first critic of the initial theory of the abduction of the McCanns daughter.

Q: You released the book ‘Maddie 129’ and, about two weeks later, had already sold over 25,000 copies. What does this say to you regarding your credibility with the public, as an investigative journalist?

HC: I don’t think a direct relationship has to be established. There are people who, not being journalists, write books and sell many thousands of copies. It’s a subject that upsets people a lot, because if on one hand everyone wants to know what happened to little Madeleine, on the other hand there’s a lot of people who are outraged with the scandalously privileged treatment that was given to the McCanns. Said in another way, any Portuguese couple, under these circumstances, would have been in jail for a long time. Due to all this, it’s natural books by journalists who followed the case in the field, such as I, Luís Maia [co-author of the ‘Maddie 129’ book] or Manuel Catarino [author of the “Guilt of the McCanns” book] raise some interest in the public.

Q: Luís Castro [author of “Why We Adopted Maddie” book], a RTP journalist, also released a book about the Maddie case…

HC: Yes, but I didn’t see him in the field. Anyway, have I not read that book, so I can’t comment on it. (…)

Q: Hernâni, you have two children. I imagine you put yourself often in the father’s position, in order to be able to analyse the Maddie case… How do you think you’d react facing such a situation?

HC: I’d call the police! That was obviously the first thing I’d do! As for the McCann case, apparently what happened was not that exactly that. In the following days, there were those who came up with the “tanga” [b***** tallk] about cultural differences between the countries, in order to justify certain actions of the parents. For me, that “tanga” doesn’t stick. (…)


Whomever writes about issues that passion public opinion is often subjected to theories coming up pointing to hidden agendas by the authors. In the case of ‘Maddie 129’, by Hernâni Carvalho and Luís Maio, some conspiracy theories have already started to circulate in the Internet. A kind of ‘Maddie Code’, that Hernâni rejects categorically…

Q: In the blog Para Mim Tanto Faz, of journalist Frederico Duarte Carvalho, you can find a free interpretation of the cover of the ‘Maddie 129’ book, suggesting that the authors are trying to convey an occult message. What do you have to comment about that insinuation?

HC: The only commentary I can make about this subject is that that interpretation is exactly what you just said it was: a free interpretation from the journalist that subscribes it in his blog.

Q: But what’s certain is that, if you draw a square frame [esquadria] cantered in the cover of the book [see at the link below], we isolate the words MAD and DIE, as well as the numbers 12 (Christ-like symbol, the number of the Apostles) and 9 (number of the friends of the McCanns present at the Ocean Club). If we add to all this the insinuation that the cover photo pictures the road from the McCanns apartment to the church…

HC: It wasn’t me who designed the cover of the book… [smiles]

Q: And what about the insinuation that the answer to all this enigma may lay at page 129 of the book? After all, that’s where you find highlighted the excerpt of the notorious Bible that Kate was allegedly reading, and that raised so much controversy…

HC: That’s only a mere coincidence regarding the book’s layout… [smiles again]. And life is full of small coincidences.

— from TV Guia 1507, Dec. 14-20 2007(translation by JoãoHonesto)

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