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Metodo 3 and Team Mccann U-Turn

Private detectives hired to search for Madeleine McCann have moved to plush new offices as questions emerge about whether they are giving good value for money.

People who donated to the Find Madeleine Fund are seeing Metodo 3 pocket £50,000-a-month of their cash - without any apparent breakthrough.

The group has not yet produced any evidence to back their claims that they know who took the girl.

Boss Francisco Marco claims he knows the girl, who would be four years old now, is alive and could be reunited with her heartbroken parents Kate and Gerry for Christmas.

But he was not available to speak to Sky News Online by phone and on arriving at his office in Barcelona, it was claimed he was out of the country - working on a different case.

At a supposedly crucial stage in the inquiry, his luxurious new office - perched above a gay sauna in a grand, pillar-filled building - was in a make-shift state.

There was just one staff member in sight, and when asked if Sky News Online could see Mr Marco, she replied: "He's not here, he's out of the country on business. Not with the Madeleine case, on another case."

Her advice was to return in two hours, when the office would re-open.

But on calling back at 4pm there were three staff and a small dog in the reception area, as well as a steady flow of people unloading boxes of files and other office equipment.

They refused to say anything, and grew steely when Madeleine was mentioned.

A few minutes later, a smartly-dressed detective arrived and refused to discuss anything to do with the case.

He kept stressing: "I can't say anything. Only Clarence Mitchell (the McCanns' official spokesman) can talk about the case. I'm sorry."

This was a far cry from Mr Marco's astonishing claims just a few days before that he knew who had kidnapped the little girl.

His comments sparked reports of a stand-up row with the McCanns, who accused him of harming the chances of finding their daughter alive.

On calling the spokesman the day after Mr Marco made his claims, Mr Mitchell said he knew nothing about them.

He questioned why, if Metodo 3 knew where the vanished girl was, they did not go and get her.

It also seemed strange that if Mr Marco had a major breakthrough to report, then he should tell a newspaper before his clients.

Although Mr Mitchell says he is pleased with Metodo 3's "operational work", sources close to the family have reportedly warned that the chances of its contract being renewed when it runs out in March are "virtually nil".

However this is what Clarence Mitchell said in an interview just 2 days ago to the free Spanish newspaper Metro:

- Are the McCanns punctually informed of the developments of the inquiry?

- They are informed of everything. Thus, we avoid the creation of false expectations in the case that the news are untrue. The private eye agency is in constant contact with the family although they only give information when it is consistent.

- Do the McCanns agree with the theory that Madeleine is alive and has been abducted by pedophiles?

- Yes, that is the theory in which they believe more strongly, especially because there is no corpse or any other evidence that indicates the contrary.

- Do you know the abductors who the detective, Francisco Marco, was talking about?

- Yes, they are perfectly informed of every step given by the detectives.

- At the end of six months, will the contract be renewed with the private eye agency, Método 3?

- They worked in this case during the last three months. When the contract will end, we will evaluate their results. If they are positive and if their work is so efficient as it has been until now, there is a lot a possibility that the contract would be renewed.

- How the McCanns would spend the first Christmas festivities without Madeleine?

- They don't talk about the subject, but I can assure you that despite the sadness caused by the absence of Madeleine, the twins will spend a happy Christmas. The most likely is that they will spend the festivities in their house at Rothley or they will visit a relative.


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