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Metodo3: We Know where she (Madeleine ) is

Investigators searching for missing toddler Madeleine McCann are receiving "fresh information" every day, according to her parents' spokesperson.
Clarence Mitchell said the firm of private investigators hired by Gerry and Kate McCann to locate their daughter received calls and
e-mails with potential leads.
Mr Mitchell said the Rothley couple and Barcelona-based investigators Metodo 3 were "encouraged" by the amount of information coming in.

He said: "Our investigators are working round the clock
and we are getting lots of fresh information in each day. We are still encouraged by the response the campaign has had and every time there is a fresh piece of publicity, such as the BBC Panorama programme, the number of calls goes up and that is very useful."
Mr Mitchell confirmed that Metodo 3 investigators were continuing to focus on Spain, Portugal and Morocco, and that a recent advertising campaign in Spain was helping to bring in even more information.

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