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Missing bag belonging to Maddie's father is a clue in the investigation

Diário de Notícias: Missing bag belonging to Maddie's father is a clue in the investigation

By José Manuel Oliveira

The Judicial Police (PJ) is searching for months for a blue tennis bag with sufficient size to carry a small child, which belonged to the father of Madeleine McCann. The news was advanced yesterday by the British television channel Sky News, which adds that Gerry McCann assured at the time to the investigators that the bag was "stolen".

As the DN divulged five days after the disappearance of Madeleine, the Maritime Police led out searches between Lagos and Burgau, both at sea and on rocks and caves, to look for the body of the girl. Fishermen and divers at the time were alerted to the possibility of finding a bag "containing a body or evidence."

In the other hand still lacks to eliminate as a suspect a man on a list given by the British police to the PJ with information on 52 pedophiles from that country who were in the Algarve when the girl was taken. Meanwhile, according to the British press, the Crown Prosecution Service ordered now a new study on the value of the technique used in the method of Low Copy Number (LCN), which aims to enlarge tiny samples of DNA in the laboratory of the Forensics Science Service in Birmingham to determine the profile of suspects, victims or witnesses even when there is only a minimal amount of biological material. The emphasis of the suspension of LCN will be given to media cases. The questions concerning this analytical method have been constantly raised in English scientific community and even the judge in the case concerning the suspected author of a bombing in Ireland that nine years ago killed dozen people, questioned the reliability of the LCN. This means that the forensic examinations for traces of blood, hair and body fluids found in the apartment and car rented by the McCanns in Praia da Luz,are in danger even before they are completed.

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