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Outrageous James Whale

Anthony Bennett Interview with James Whale

James Whale invites Anthony Bennett on his show to discuss the neglect of Kate and Gerry McCann, but cuts him off after a few minutes because he cant handle the truth.

On Thursday November 15, 2007, retired UK solicitor Tony Bennett filed a private prosecution against the parents of Madeleine McCann for child neglect.
Child neglect of any description is intolerable and the most obvious fact of all is that if Madeleine McCann was properly supervised by her parents during the night of May 3, 2007, she would still be here today.
Sadly, since Tony filed his private prosecution, Leicestershire Magistrates turned down his action. Basically the court ruled that they did not have jurisdiction on the case because the incidents occurred in Portugal. Despite plenty of support for the action, we understand Tony is considering other options.

The case against the Mccanns (to see all the documents go here)

PROSECUTION DOCUMENTS (click the images to read)


  1. The link to "all documents" is missing is there another source?

  2. Maybe at Pamalam's site or at the McCann files, follow respective links http://www.gerrymccannsblogs.co.uk/ and http://www.mccannfiles.com/. Alternatively, try the new Madeleine Foundation site - search google.


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