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Portuguese Media On the Mccans

Carlos Tomás

Portuguese Prosecutor of the EU speeds up the procedure of the Rogatory Letters
The questions for the McCanns are already in the hands of the British Home Secretary

The Eurojust is speeding up a British decision that should authorize the re-questioning of the McCanns and their friends. But without the OK from the British Home Office, the detectives would really have to wait.

The questions to be asked to the McCann and their friend who dinned with them in the Tapas Bar are already in the hands of the Home Office Secretary since the cases involving foreign countries have to pass in the hands of this ministry. To speed up the procedure, the Portuguese member of the Eurojust, the European body, which facilitates the coordination between the authorities of the Member States of the EU, did intervene.

The questions, that the Ministério Público wants to be asked to the formal suspects of the McCann Case, are already in the hands of Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary, responsible for the fight against crime and illegal immigration. Maddie's case depends on her, reports the 24Horas.

"England has proper rules in relation to international criminality and does not renounce the right to exercise its sovereignty. Especially if British citizens are involved. Everything we can do is to facilitate the procedures, avoiding the diplomatic channels that are long in delay. In urgent cases, we speed up things by directly contacting the authorities of a Member State of the EU. Our mission is to make things easier", explained José Luis Lopes da Mota, Deputy General Prosecutor, Eurojust National Member for the Portuguese Republic.

According to the 24Horas, it was him who did facilitate the procedure at a request of the Public Prosecutor of the district of Évora, Luis Bilro Verão - because by his turn he has received the solicitation of the prosecutor of the Tribunal of Portimão, Magalhães e Menezes. Then in the next days, it would be done the cross-examinations to the McCanns and their friends. It is now to the British officer of the Home Office to dispatch the procedure to the Leicestershire Police and that should be performed in the next days.

The PJ has already a team of three elements ready to depart for UK. The prosecutor Magalhães e Menezes could accompany the Portuguese commission but this decision has not been made by the Public Prosecution Service of the Portuguese Republic, owner of the process.

Jornal de Notícias:
Marisa Rodrigues

The McCanns and their friends adjust their declaration

The McCanns and their friends who spend their holidays with them in the Ocean Club, Praia da Luz, Lagos, met for the first time since the disappearance of Madeleine. The meeting should have taken place last month but it has only been made public when the Letter Rogatory is almost arriving in England that should allow the Judicial Police to re-interview the nine members of the group.

Last Thursday, the request has been delivered by the PJ to the Ministério Público with the demand to dispatch the letter rogatory. The prosecutor José Magalhães e Menezes has now the task to "assess if everything is in conformity with the law and well regimented", explained to the JN a judicial source. The list of proceedings should contain dozens of questions that the Leicestershire Police will ask on behalf of the PJ to the "Tapas 9", as Kate, Gerry and their friends are dubbed by the British press in a allusion to the restaurant of the resort where they dinned, May 3.

The news, that the PJ inspectors have their suitcases are practically made to travel to England to accompany the re-questionings and re-interrogations, has filled pages in the British newspapers that the McCanns and their spokesman Clarence Mitchell are attentive.

It is in this climate that the meeting of the group has been revealed. A source linked to the inquiry finds "so curious" that it is only now that it is made public a meeting that has escaped the "gluttony" of the entire British press which is given no rest for the couple. On the other hand, "it is strange" that they met only a month after Kate and Gerry returned to England in the beginning of September. "Assuming the principle that, as they said, they are all friends and professional colleagues and they went through a terrible experience - the disappearance of a child, daughter of one of the couples of the group - it should have been normal that they did a meeting immediately", reported the same source.

The meeting took place in a hotel in Leicester, homeland of the McCanns. It was very "emotional and deeply sad ", according to what has revealed to the British press a source close to the parents of Madeleine. The reason why it has been kept secret was according to the same source "because of the huge interest it would have generated".

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