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Stop punishing us, Murat's mother tells the McCanns

Daily Mail
Jenny Murat says her son has been unfairly victimised over the Madeleine McCann case.

Robert Murat's mother has accused the McCanns of making her family's lives a misery.

Mr Murat, the first official suspect in the case, and his relatives, are being punished because the McCanns left Madeleine in their holiday apartment, his mother Jenny believes.

From her villa in Praia da Luz, she said: "I really wish the McCanns had never gone on holiday to Praia da Luz.

"I bet they wish they had never come on holiday here either.

"The worst part of it is they did something wrong [by leaving Madeleine alone], we did nothing wrong and we have been penalised for their mistake."

The 71-year-old also accused the detective agency hired by Kate and Gerry McCann of lying and bribing witnesses to get them to change their stories.

Mrs Murat said Metodo 3 detectives followed her for a week.

"Metodo were getting people to change their statements, following everybody everywhere. They were certainly following me."

Mrs Murat has always said that she was with her son on the evening of May 3.

But three friends of the McCanns, who were dining with them when Madeleine went missing, are certain that Robert Murat introduced himself to them and asked if he could help with the search for Madeleine that night.

Staff at the resort have also claimed they saw Mr Murat that night.

But his mother told the Evening Standard: "If they (Metodo 3) have anybody who saw Robert, they are paying them to lie."

The McCanns' spokesman said: "Kate and Gerry felt they had done everything possible for their children on May 3 and that they were perfectly safe.

"It is a ridiculous suggestion to claim Metodo 3 are paying witnesses to change their story."

Meanwhile, it was claimed in a Spanish newspaper that the Foreign Office sent a memo to staff instructing them to "avoid offering support" to Mr Murat, 34, three days after he was named as a suspect.

And a Portuguese newspaper reported that police do not consider Mr Murat's German girlfriend, Michaela Walczuch, to be a suspect.

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