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Clarence Mitchell 103% Spin

POLIS/LSE Media Group panel debate

The McCanns and the Media

Date: Wednesday 30 January 2008
Time: 6.30pm
: New Theatre, East Building
Speakers: Clarence Mitchell, Justine McGuiness, Kelvin MacKenzie, Roy Greenslade
Chair: Steve Hewlett

The McCanns were the biggest media story of 2007. This event goes behind the headlines to ask why it became a media obsession, whether information or entertainment triumphed, and what impact the coverage has as the case continues.

Steve Hewlett is a media consultant and former BBC editor. Roy Greenslade is a media commentator, columnist and blogger, and Professor of Journalism at City University. Kelvin MacKenzie is former editor of the Sun, firmly establishing it as Britain's biggest selling newspaper. Clarence Mitchell is a former BBC royal correspondent and now spokesman for the McCanns. Justine McGuinness is a PR guru who manages the Find Madeleine campaign.

This event is free and open to all with no ticket required. Entry is on a first come, first served basis.

For further information please email polis@lse.ac.uk or phone 020 7107 5249.

Whilst we are hosting this listing, LSE Events does not take responsibility for the running and administration of this event. While we take responsible measures to ensure that accurate information is given here (for instance by checking that the room has been booked) this event is
ultimately the responsibility of the organisation presenting the event.

Spin, Comical Clarrie Spin!!

No,No No, not a movie!

Yes, Yes, Yes Prime Minister

No Pressures?! None Whatsoever!!

Kate's Tears on my Paper...See?!


  1. Nice graphic :)-

    Que lindo! Um abraço e um beijo para voce tambem.

  2. "eave your comment" ?

    but serious.... this is what we get: "bread and games"... the McCann story in the media is part of the 'games'.... lets enjoy !

    (that's what we are expected to do; meanwhile the real important issues will be dealt with outside our attention)


  3. Good morning Himself, thank you for allowing me to use you brilliant work! I was wondering where I could use the spinning "Comical Clarrie" Toy in the best way as possible. 103% spin about the abhorrent maddie media campaign seemed to fit your graphic!

    Um abraço e um beijo de Lisboa

    Hi Kc, outside, somewhere over in the UK a woman holds all the cards in her hand, we have to wait and see if she Folds or Raises the bet.

    Hope Jacqui sucks at playing poker...

    um abraço


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