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Controversy: Impasse in the investigation for bad collaboration

English do not reply

It’s been more than 20 days since the Public prosecution service and the Judiciary received the notice of reception of the rogatory letters, but the CM knows that, since then, there was no answer from the British authorities regarding the interrogations to the four couples friends of the McCanns. There are still personal objects of Kate and Gerry to apprehend and the whole investigation is being delayed.

The dozens of questions to be done to these eight potential witnesses were thoroughly prepared by the persons in charge of the PJ at the head of the case – always in articulation and with the agreement of English investigators. The process was also stalled for months, so that all the legal roads were followed in the sending of the letters, through the General Prosecution Service of the Portuguese Republic.

The documents followed finally in the beginning of the year – and, at the middle of this month, the investigators of the PJ were already finding the silence of England odd, as the CM advanced at the time. Now, almost in February, we know that there is no green light to explore the different and obvious contradictions between the friends of Maddie's parents, the first time in which they were heard, in what concerns the night of the crime.

The secret of justice is already secured by the judge up to September, but the whole eventual accusation of the Public prosecution service depends on the interrogations, which might be crucial. For the reason that, after the PJ hears the friends, only then they can prepare a series of questions to the couple – in function of what the other four couples will say. And as for the objects – between them is the diary where Kate describes Maddie's behaviour and the relation at times difficult with her oldest daughter.

Meanwhile, the Spanish detectives employed by the McCanns continue their hunt of persons with similarities to the photo-fit spread more than a week ago. After the false suspect who received the journalists at his home of the Algarve with gun threats, in the last days it was time of the Spaniards of the enterprise Method 3 move the Altura, in Castro Marim, searching for Joaquim Gomes – another man who has resemblance with the portrait but long ago discarded by the PJ.

In Portugal the 'sightings' of potential suspects did not take place, but this situation happens again in all Europe and in the North of Africa.

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