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Eddie and Keela versus Team McCann

Eddie and Keela, the two sniffer British dogs used to find evidences of Madeleine's death, in Portugal were used by the police in the searches of Kate Prout.


Police now believe missing farmer Kate Prout was murdered.

Officers have refused to rule out the possibility the 55-year-old from Redmarley may have come to harm.

They say the possibility she has been murdered is stronger than ever.

Although investigations at her Redhill Farm home finished a fortnight ago it is understood specialist sniffer dogs used in the search for missing four-year-old Madeleine McCann in Portugal have been used in the investigation and found evidence of Mrs Prout's death.

Det Supt Neil Kelly said specialist dogs had been used but could not comment on what was found.

Mrs Prout disappeared on November 5 last year. Mrs Prout vanished from her home on Bonfire Night, but her husband Adrian did not report her missing until November 10.

A 45-year-old man, believed to be Mr Prout, was arrested in connection with the case and remains on police bail.

Acting Det Supt Neil Kelly said that Gloucestershire Police had gathered no evidence to suggest she was still alive.

He said: "A very thorough search of the land surrounding Mrs Prout's home has been concluded but the investigation remains very much open. Despite exhaustive efforts, however, we have unfortunately not discovered any evidence to suggest that Mrs Prout is alive and that she disappeared of her own volition.

"We fear, therefore, that either some harm has befallen her accidentally or that she has been murdered. Had the former occurred, we believe it likely that she would have been discovered by now, and as a result, we fear more strongly than ever that she has been murdered."

Team McCann counter-attack

Gazeta Digital: “Kate and Gerry McCann's legal team has contacted American lawyers over a case where key sniffer dog evidence was thrown out of court in the hope that it may help them fight any charges that they were involved in the killing of their daughter; according to today's edition of The Thelegraph. Angus McBride and Michael Caplan “consulted the legal team of Eugene Zapata, 68, who is accused of murdering his estranged wife Jeanette in 1976. But a judge ruled last month that the evidence was no more reliable than "the flip of a coin" and could not be put before a jury” writes The Telegraph, quoting the judge's decision. The sniffer dogs brought to Praia da Luz by a South Yorkshire police special team, Eddie and Keela, are considered the best and only ones with the capacity to detect the scent of a corpse or blood even months after incidents happened.

Keela could be described as ‘top dog’ in her field of expertise. The trained Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) dog has skills like no other and it has left forces worldwide hankering after an insight into her special training”, according to South Yorkshire police. The Springer Spaniel “can sniff out the smallest samples of human blood - even after items have been cleaned or washed many times”, according to the Daily Mail. And Keela earns more than her Chief Constable, something that doesn't bother Mr. Meredydd Hughes, according to The Times. “PC John Ellis, Keela's handler, said that “she can detect minute quantities of blood that cannot be seen with the human eye” and is able to “sniff out blood in clothes after they have been washed repeatedly in biological washing powder”, also according to The Times.

But John Barrett, a former Scotland Yard dog handler, contested the capacity of Keela. He told The Telegraph that the “trained dogs used in an attempt to detect a 'death smell' on Mrs McCann's Bible and clothes were brought in too long after Madeleine vanished”, because “the crucial scent lasts for no longer than a month,” he said.

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  1. I know by speed dial the contacts who trained and deploy Eddie and Keela. In so doing I have asked and been granted their instant attendance as I understand how this works. In US other such dogs have found graves and remains of longevity. See Cuecentre.

    As the dogs hit on substances that have a chemical chain reaction that any decent physics or chemistry person would know they are highly reliable, whereas man, be he former 'expert' police officer is biased by who pays him.

    Thus, in the case of Kate Prout, the tie he wears as out of syncronicity with his shirt is one of a membership tie. This in his engagement photograph is 'impression management' as indicative of his psychopathic nature.

    A dog trained has a nose, so do I in this area of cues of a person who poses for a camera. What is the tie association. Does anyone know?



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