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English tantrum delays McCanns process

24 Horas:

Rogatory letter was in England but was returned to the State Attorney

The letter that was destinated to interrogate the McCanns and their friends returned because of simple bureaucratic problems. The PJ was unaware of this whole story

A veritable 'tantrum' from the English is delaying the conclusion of the investigations into the Madeleine case. The English have already held the letter that contains the questions that the PJ wants to be asked from the McCann family and their friends - sent by Eurojust, the European entity that is competent to establish the judicial connection between various countries - but their understanding was that some bureaucratic formalities were not being observed. And they requested a new letter.

The team of investigators which is led by Paulo Rebelo was unaware of this situation. "It took us a month to elaborate the questions and to request the translation. All that work was done during the end of the year 2007. We always thought that the letter was in England, to be executed", says a source at the PJ that is connected to the process.

The first letter that was sent to the Home Office - the equivalent to our Interior Administration Ministery - gathered all the conditions that were necessary to be immediately accepted.

"The letter was translated and duly prepared. Two persons from Eurojust had been working on it, not in terms of the contents, but of the legal procedures, so it could be executed. One was a Portuguese jurist, the other was English. There were direct contacts with the Home Office. Unfortunately, the English understood that there were still some procedures that should be observed and demanded that the letter was sent through normal diplomatic channels, and not through Eurojust", José Lopes da Mota, the president of that entity, explained to 24Horas.

Second version

"The case is being followed by us with a lot of attention. The English could have accepted the version that we prepared, but that did not happen. They made suggestions and we transmitted them to the competent authorities. At this moment, there is a second version of the rogatory letter that is following the legal diplomatic channels that were demanded by the British. But that does not mean it's the final one. There have been cases where we had to send three or four versions for this type of request to be accepted. The English just asked for the letter to be reformulated, according to their right", Lopes da Mota said.

A source at the State Attorney's Office clarified yesterday that the letter was sent by the Public Ministery via Eurojust at the beginning of this month, but "the English authorities raised some questions from that European entity". Therefore, the State Attorney's Office admitted, "the letter was sent back to the Public Ministery".

And it concludes: "The State Attorney's Office is now trying to solve a problem it did not create".


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