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Gail Copper In Praia Da Luz

Ryan Parry In Praia Da Luz 23/01/2008

Tourist Gail Cooper who gave an e-fit of the Madeleine McCann kidnap suspect has jetted out to Portugal to help in the hunt.

Gail, 50, returned to Praia da Luz where she saw the long-haired creep lurking days before Madeleine, four, disappeared in May. He claimed to be collecting for a children's charity.

She is meeting staff from the Metodo 3 detective agency helping to search for the little girl and will retrace his movements. Gail, from Newark, Notts, said yesterday: "I never thought this would happen. I hope it could be a breakthrough. There can't be anyone who doesn't feel what Kate and Gerry are going through and want to help.

"I don't know if this man is the kidnapper, he could just be a conman, but he needs to be found."

Gail, who came forward after reading a story in the Mirror, added: "I thought police must have investigated and ruled it out, so I was amazed when Metodo 3 thought it could be so important."

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