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Getting away with Murder

Steph 14 January, 2008

Bearing in mind that Portuguese police suspect the McCanns of killing their daughter, fabricating a kidnapping as an alibi, disposing of her body, then defrauding the public, don’t you think the media reporting has been strange? Prior to the McCanns, can you remember the last time that the British Mainstream media campaigned on behalf of suspected child killers before they were convicted? - me neither.

And what about the critical pieces that pour scorn on the McCann’s version of events or point out that they have a case to answer - have you seen any in the British media? - again, me neither. So why the incessant McCann spin and why exactly is every Daily adopting the same editorial line? The majority of the British public think the McCanns killed Madeleine - a negative piece would sell more papers than yet more McCann spin.

How exactly did the McCanns buy off the media?

The answer is they didn’t. They didn’t need to, they bought off the British Prime Minister instead, and the corporate media, happily towed the line. If the British media had an once of journalistic integrity, they would have pointed out that Gordon Brown’s personal interference in this case was a grotesque abuse of his office, undermined the integrity of the Portuguese Criminal Justice Systems and reeks of political corruption.

Gordon Brown is professionally acquainted with many of the McCanns supporters and financial backers, including Richard Branson, Sir Tom Hunter and Bill Kenwright. And another one of the McCanns’ financial backers, the Scottish multimillionaire Stephen Winyard, insensibly warned:

"This Government was elected to look after its citizens and it’s a fundamental principle of our legal system that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. With that in mind I would strongly urge that Gordon Brown accede to our request."

But the media would prefer to bleat on about how terrible the Portuguese police are (I wonder how many innocent people have the PJ shot?), than address the fact that the McCanns got preferential treatment from the British government because of who they were and who their backers were, or the fact that the McCanns were about to be charged with their daughter’s homicide when the British government intervened and persuaded the Portuguese government to just let them go. But then the British media is just as corrupt and susceptible to the rich and powerful as the government. If you’ve got enough money and influence in the UK, you can get away with murder.

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