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Investigation: Requests for interrogations are still in Lisbon

Prosecution Service delays PJ

While senior officials of the Judiciary Police stated to be disappointed to the CM regarding the "silence" of the English authorities along the whole month, the British services of justice undid yesterday the mystery: they did not receive “any requests for cooperation so that questionings are done” to friends of the McCanns. As well it was missing the contact to the General Prosecution Service – that confirmed the unthinkable for the PJ. The rogatory letters did not follow.

In the beginning of the year they had already assured to the CM that the rogatory letters were finally in England. The document is covered of “special importance” in the investigation because it contains dozens of questions to do to the eight potential witnesses of the night of the crime – on the 3rd of May.

The Judiciary took months in the preparation of the letters. Opening the discussion of all the questions to the British authorities - since a complex translation into English of some terms was needed. And still they counted with “a support from the Eurojust in the preparation of those letters”, a Portuguese representative in the body of the European Union for judicial cooperation assured to the CM.

However, the Deputy Attorney general assistant, Lopes da Mota, confirmed that the support of Eurojust "already ended some time ago. And the sending of letters is made through the "official communication between the PGR and the Home Office" - the services of British justice.

A month after the senior officials of PJ were convinced with the sending of the requests for interrogation, via PGR, here is the answer of the Home Office, yesterday afternoon, to our newspaper: " It is not our politics to comment on individual cases, but we did not receive any request of cooperation [of Portugal] in the investigation to the couple McCann”.

Hours before a PJ senior officer stated to the CM that it was "impossible" – most likely the rogatory letters had another destiny, in England, other than the Home Office. But in the early evening we dissipated all doubts with an explanation of an official source from the PGR: “The rogatory letters will be sent through the judicial cooperation of the General Prosecution Service, when the submission it’s finalized”. The Rogatory Letters continue in Lisbon and the friends of the McCanns yet to be questioned.


Apprehensions at a halt

Besides the interrogations to the 4 couple’s, friends of the McCanns, the Judiciary Police also asked in the rogatory letters for personal objects to be seized from Maddie's parents between them is the diary where Kate describes Maddie's behaviour and the relation at times difficult with her oldest daughter.

Pendant accusation

An eventual accusation of the Public prosecution service to Kate and Gerry McCann also is suspended in the offices of the PGR in Lisbon – only the interrogations to the friends of the couple can drive the PJ to a new battery of questions of the two suspects.


  1. I get the feeling that the Portuguese government is going to acquiesce to the British government’s wishes? This is indeed sad. Que Vergonha!


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