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Madeleine lookalike Spotted in Argentina

It's Not Maddie the Blonde Girl spotted in La Rioja

One man said he saw the English girl lost in the town of Villa Únion in Rioja. Another hypothesis last week ensured that the girl was seen in Chile. The speculation Grows.

The head of the Police Riojana, commissioner Luis Angulo said that the tourists seen in Villa Únion with a girl with features similar to those of Madeleine McCann, "were easily identified and are of Swiss nationality".

Angulo explained that it is a Swiss couple whose last name is Foira and that the girl has features similar to the small English girl who disappeared in Portugal, last year in May .

The police acted after a warning given by Javier Vidable, who said he had seen the girl in the company of two elderly people in a lodging in Villa Únion.

The man said to the police that his "discovery" took place on Wednesday, 23 this month.

"I was a meter and a half from the girl. I looked at her, and this apparently angered and made the couple quite nervous" said Vidable.

In recent days, it was reported that the girl would have been seen in Chile, so every day further speculation grows about her whereabouts.

Maddie is intensely sought at an international level, after her mysterious disappearance in Portugal while she slept in the room of a hotel at a time while her parents had dinner with friends elsewhere.

These assumptions merely confuse public opinion, still shocked by this incident and by the photographs of the little girl circulating on the Web.

On the other hand, from London, was reported in the last few hours that Kate and Gerry McCann, the parents of Madeleine, expect a new DNA technique will prove their innocence.

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