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Madeleine Mccann is NOT in Chile

The Chile Investigative Police ruled out today that the British girl Madeleine McCann, disappeared in Portugal eight months ago, was found in the country.

In this manner the information given , in which a witness assured to have seen the little girl with a couple in the museum Gabriela Mistral of the city of Vicuna, 533 kilometers to the north of Santiago,was discarded.

After investigating the information it was concluded that all "was a confusion, a misunderstanding", said to the journalists the sub chief Segundo Leyton, national leader of the People Location Brigade (Briup), who added that with this the case remained "clarified".

The presumed sight of the girl, in the northern city, was communicated by a person whose identity was not revealed and who told the police officers that a little girl similar to Madeleine was accompanied by two foreign adults.

According to the Police, the witness found the grandfather of the little girl, "very similar to the person that appears in the press", in reference to a suspect whose photo-fit was published by the McCanns and the media in diverse countries.

But the police investigations determined that these people were Chilean citizens residents in the United States and that were out for a walk with two of their grandchildren.

The grandfather of the girl, Jorge Marchant, was informed last night by his sister that he was being investigated after which he presented himself to the International Police.

In statements today to the journalists, Marchant said that though its granddaughter bore a striking resemblance to the kidnapped girl, "I never thought that this was going to happen to us".
The case was investigated and ruled out finally by a team of 15 people.

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