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Madeleine McCann Spotted In Chile

Chilean Police investigates track of Madeleine in the country

Efe, in Santiago

The Chilean Police said today that they are searching Madeleine McCann, the British girl who disappeared in Portugal eight months ago, after receiving an information that she had been seen in the town of Vicuña (north).

The information was confirmed to the "Radio Cooperativa" by sub chief Leyton, head of the National Brigade Location of the People's Police of Investigations.

He said a team of five detectives are making verifications in the region of Vicuña, after a man - whose identity was not revealed - said to have seen a girl similar to Madeleine at the museum, Gabriela Mistral, which is in the town, situated 530 km from Santiago.

The child was accompanied by two adult foreigners, a woman and a man, said the source to the police.

According to the police, the witness pointed to the presence of a man that accompanied the girl, who "was very similar to the person that appears in the press", in reference to a suspect whose composite picture was published spoken by various media of diverse countries.

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