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Madeleine McCann Suspect Spotted in Gibraltar

Portuguese worker resembling Madeleine poster photo-fit questioned by RGP officers
(2008-01-26 14:25:00 )

A Portuguese construction worker in Gibraltar was questioned by Royal Gibraltar Police on Thursday after he was reported to resemble the photo-fit of a man seen in the area of Praia da Luz before Madeleine McCann disappeared last year.

Local police have been in contact with Portuguese police according to local media reports.

The man was not arrested and was released on the same day.


Drawings prompt Europe wide reports
By Brian Reyes

Police in Gibraltar were last night quizzing a Portuguese construction worker who resembles a photofit of the man believed to have abducted Madeleine McCann. Police were alerted by a British builder who worked on the same site and was so concerned he reported it to officers at New Mole House station.

But a senior police source urged caution and stressed that the man was not under arrest.
“He has volunteered to assist us in any way,” a spokesman for the Royal Gibraltar Police said.
The man was at police headquarters while officers here contacted their Portuguese and British counterparts to check his identity and background.

The development comes just days after the McCann family released a new images of a man they believe kidnapped 3-year old Madeleine from her bed in a Portuguese holiday resort last May 3.
The artist’s impressions show an olive-skinned man seen by several witnesses in Praia da Luz in the days before she disappeared.

The sketches were produced by an FBI-accredited police artist based on an interview with a British holidaymaker in the Portuguese town.

One of the new images bears a striking resemblance to an earlier drawing of a man seen carrying a child through the complex on the night of Madeleine’s disappearance.

The images were handed to Portuguese and British police and to Interpol by the Spanish firm of private detectives hired by the McCann family to coordinate the search.

The McCann’s spokesman Clarence Mitchell said dozens of calls had been received from the public since the picture was released and investigators were now following leads.

But yesterday a newspaper in Portugal reported that Portuguese detectives knew the man in the photo-fit and had already ruled him out of their investigation.

He was found in the village of Barao de Sao Joao, 10 miles inland from Praia da Luz, said Portuguese newspaper Correio da Manha.

It was reported that the man was originally contacted by investigators about three weeks after Madeleine vanished. After the image was released this week, they got in touch with him again.
In any event the Portuguese police are reportedly not putting much importance on the sketch, which they believe could apply to many people.

Yesterday Madeleine’s parents dismissed the report.

Their spokesman said: “Our investigators have not been informed that the man we are seeking has been ruled out.”

“We have no reason to believe he has been ruled out and our search for the man in our image is very much continuing.”

Mr Mitchell said the McCann team had drawn up an action plan for how they want the investigation to proceed from here.

First, they want a worldwide search for the man, coordinated by a central telephone number manned by their private detective agency to identify and locate the man in the sketches. All information gleaned from this is to be passed on to the Portuguese police.

Second, they want a full review of all police records and witness statements, including one taken from a 12-year-old girl who reported sightings of a strange man in the Portuguese resort in May last year.

Third they want complete collaboration between the Portuguese police, Interpol and the authorities in Spain, Morocco and Britain.

Since Madeleine’s disappearance, only three people have been named as official suspects: Kate and Gerry McCann, Madeleine’s parents, and British expatriate Robert Murat.

Mr and Mrs McCann have always strenuously denied any involvement, as has Mr Murat.

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