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Madeleine McCann's Investigative Team

Investigating Team

The key members of the Policia Judiciaria who are involved in the investigation of Madeleine McCanns' disappearance.

Paulo Rebelo

Paulo Rebelo, an assistant national director of the Policia Judiciária (PJ), was appointed as the head of the Madeleine McCann investigation on 08/10/07, following the removal of Gonçalo Amaral.

Officially his new role is the chief of the PJ criminal investigation department based in Portamão, which covers Praia da Luz.

Rebelo made his career at the Central Directory for the Investigation of Drug Trafficking before being appointed one of four associate directors last year.

He was head of the criminal investigation department in Lisbon which uncovered the notorious 'Casa Pia' paedophile ring in 2002.

Other high profile cases include the 'Mea-Culpa' investigation into the death of 13 people in an arson attack. He headed the 'Freeport case' in which a PJ officer was convicted of leaking details of a corruption investigation on the eve of the last parliamentary elections.

Rebelo is said to be highly regarded. Colleagues say he is nice and a good communicator.

He is close to the PJ’s national director, Alípio Ribeiro, who removed the previous head of the inquiry, Gonçalo Amaral, on 03/10/07.

Mr Rebelo will have to find a new deputy as Tavares Almeida has applied for unpaid leave and says he wants to leave the investigation.

Alípio Ribeiro

Alípio Ribeiro is head of the Policia Judiciaria in Portugal.

On 21/10/07 he was interviewed by El Pais:

Asked about the leaks from the Portugese police:

"There has been, without doubt, but less than it would appear. The imagination of journalists has also worked hard. What is certain is that the police must have serenity to separate history, fantasy, as police. We can not get carried away with emotion, we must keep open all scenarios and walk step by step."

He confirms that the paedophile abduction theory came from the McCanns.

Asked about the McCanns' publicity campaign:

"First, we have never had insufficient means in this case, although it is true that excessive international concern has multiplied alleged sightings of the girl and red herrings to a level that would have been too high for any police of the world. Secondly, we still do not know the truth, so I could not make moral judgments on that campaign. I have no results yet, I do not know what happened that night."

Asked about the British press coverage:

"And it must be understood that the British press works that way. They said unjust things, but we could not react to this day, ping pong game, the Judicial Police against the British press. That game does not interest us."

Gonçalo Amaral

Gonçalo Amaral, the police coordinator leading the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, was removed from his position in a move that was not totally unexpected. The decision was made by the national office of the PJ after he made several controversial statements on the Madeleine case.

Amaral, who had headed the investigation since the early days and who was also the head of the Portimão Office of the Polícia Judiciária (PJ), was relieved of his duties by a direct order from Alípio Ribeiro, the national chief of the PJ.

Questioned by journalists, Ribeiro said: "I ordered the end of Gonçalo Amaral’s service in Portimão and it seems to me that the reason why I gave that order is obvious."

Gonçalo Amaral had said that by following the couple’s tips, the British investigators were continuously “forgetting the fact that they are prime suspects of their daughter’s death," adding that the kidnapping scenario now being explored was nothing more than "another fact worked by the McCanns."

Olegário de Sousa

Chief Inspector, Olegário de Sousa became the most public face of the PJ, during Kate and Gerry's time in Portugal, through his role as official PJ spokesperson.

He was reported, by Martin Brunt from Sky News, to have quit the investigation in disgust, on 15/09/07, at the way Kate and Gerry McCann had been treated.

However, he told Gazeta Digital on 17 September that he denied those accusations: "Mr Martin Brunt's story about my alleged resignation is completely false"

"The last time I talked with Mr. Martin Brunt was on September 11, the day when Mr. Martin Brunt had another utterly false story, about a 100% DNA match being found, by Police, on the McCanns' hired car. On that day, before he put that false story on the air, we talked, around 7.00 pm, and he didn't asked me any question about DNA, that subject wasn't even mentioned."

Carlos Anjos

Carlos Anjos, the president of ASFIC, the national union of the criminal investigators, has previously joined Gonçalo Amaral in making critical comments about the McCann's.

Interviewed by Diário de Notícias, he accused Gerry McCann of "negligence" when he claimed that Madeleine’s abductor was hiding in their holiday apartment.

"If he was suspicious that there was a man in the apartment, and then he calmly went to dinner, then words cannot describe how negligent he is as a father", adding "Since their daughter disappeared, Gerry and Kate have followed a strategy of almost daily announcements of new facts."

In response, Clarence Mitchell, the McCann’s spokesman, said Gerry McCanns' fears came to him only after Madeleine’s abduction and Mr Anjos had "totally misunderstood" what he said. He told the UK’s Daily Telegraph: "This was in the original witness statement. There is nothing that has come out recently that should be of surprise to the officers."

It was Carlos Anjos who said that detectives had advised Kate and Gerry McCann against their media campaign. They had also warned the couple against drawing attention to Madeleine's distinctive right eye, saying that it could have put her life in greater danger.

Alberto Costa

Portugal Justice Minister, Alberto Costa, had to step in publicly to assure all parties that the relationship between the Portuguese and British police forces working on the Madeleine McCann case was still strong and of "beneficial co-operation."

Alberto Costa claimed that "it is important that all teams are focused on the investigation work and not on the comments" and was reacting to comments made by Gonçalo Amaral to a daily newspaper where he criticised British police action. Gonçalo Amaral, who has said he thought his statements were being made "off the record", had accused British police of "working exclusively on the information wanted by the McCanns and that suits them better."

He was commenting on reports in the British media on Monday about an anonymous email sent to the official website of Prince Charles.

The email accused a former employee of the Ocean Club of being responsible for the abduction of Madeleine McCann in a revenge action to destroy the resort’s credibility. But the PJ investigator said this information "had no credibility for the Portuguese police" and therefore "it was completely excluded" from the investigation.

Portuguese investigators arrive in UK 28 November 2007:

(from left) Luis Viriato, Francisco Côrte-Real, Ricardo Paiva and Fernando Viegas.

The four-strong Portuguese team met five experts from the FSS at Leicestershire Police headquarters on 29 November 2007 to review and interpret the DNA results.

The team was led by Francisco Côrte-Real, the vice-president of the National Pathology Institute. With him were Det Insp Ricardo Paiva and police scientists Fernando Viegas and Luís Viriato.

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