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Madeleine's Fund has seen better days: McCanns Forced to Economise

Madeleine's Fund has seen better days

The number of cooperators was reduced and the direction wants to find other forms of collecting funds

McCanns forced to economise

The financial difficulties of Madeleine's fund were assumed by Clarence Mitchell the spokesman of the McCanns. If in September last year Kate and Gerry had two millions of euros to continue to invest in the search for their daughter, they risk now to reach the Summer without money.
Since they were not earning any money for a long time due to an absent leave, the parents of the girl that disappeared 8 months ago in Praia da Luz had to use the fund at least twice to pay the mortgage of their house.
Till Gerry returned to work was the money's fund that paid the daily essentials at their home at Rothley.
Now the flux of donations is very reduced and Metodo 3 represents a cost of 75 thousand euros per month. The six month contract made in October will give the Spanish detectives around 500 thousand euros. Last week after a meeting of the fund's direction, that substituted two members, a note was put in the site. In that note was refered that they had reach an agreement to continue to search for the McCanns daughter and that they would find new ways of collecting money.
If they do not sort this problem in March the fund will dry.
For the lawyers and the spokesman there are still money since those are paid by the millionaire Brian Kennedy.

The truth is the McCanns are already economising. If we phone to the fund's phone line 0044 203 159 4389, designed to the press, a record says that the number no longer exists and the message says to phone to the mobile phone of Clarence Mitchell or to send an email. 24 Horas discovered that several people were told they were not needed anymore. Apart from that in the beginning of November Kate and Gerry wanted to launch a mega operation with TV adverts in Portugal, Spain and Morocco as well as photos of the girl in supermarket trolleys. The campaign was not launched. Instead of that they sent posters with Madeleine's face to 11 thousand persons and entities in Morocco. Gerry did not return to work and if there is no money being collected the contract with Metodo 3 will not be renewed.

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