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Mari Luz Cortés has gone missing and the main focus regarding this news in the UK is the McCanns pain?

In his blog, Gerry McCann mentioned the disappearance of a child in Spain.

Day 257 - 15/01/2008

Kate and I were dismayed to learn today that a 5-year-old girl has been missing from Huelva, in Southern Spain since Sunday evening. As many of you know, Heulva is approximately a 2 hour drive from Praia da Luz and we went there in early August to publicise Madeleine’s disappearance. Hearing of the probable abduction of Mari Luz Cortesa * has brought many awful emotions flooding back. We hope and pray that Mari is quickly found and returned safely to her family.

"Kate y yo nos hemos venido abajo al enterarnos de que una niña de cinco años está desaparecida en Huelva, al sur de España, desde la tarde del domingo. Como la mayoría de vosotros sabéis, Huelva está aproximadamente a dos horas de coche de Praia da Luz y nosotros fuimos allí a principios de agosto para difundir la desaparición de Madeleine. Escuchar el probable secuestro de Mari Luz Cortesa nos ha traído muchos sentimientos horribles. Esperamos y rezamos para que Mari sea encontrada pronto y vuelva sana y salva con su familia".

*They don't even know Mari Luz Cortés name yet they called her Parents.

or in another UK tabloid e-mailed the Parents

"I feel your pain. As parents we know what you are going through." Kate Mccann

The Spin/Highjack

Since Madeleine vanished there have been many cases of missing children in the UK alone, in Spain this year alone there has been 8,000 missing reports for children. Most are returned within a number of days. Amy Fitzpatrick, Mari Luz Cortés, Jeremy Vargas, Sara Morales, Josúe Monge and Juan Pablo Martínez are part of the 200 children who have remained disappeared with little or no trace as to there whereabouts.

The number of 200 is the number of open cases currently to be found in the archives of the National Police, Civil Guard, and the regional police forces La Ertzaintza and Los Mossos. When adults are included there are currently 11,936 people reported missing.
Each year some 8,000 disappearances are reported to the police but most of these turn out to be temporary cases, often of children running away.

Not a word from the McCanns regarding any other 200 missing children. Now they are in full spin associating Madeleine's alleged abduction to the real kidnapping of Mari Luz Cortés. Why?

"The British Media, The McCann's Team and Clarence Mitchell try to sell us the story that the cases of Mari Luz Cortés and the Madeleine's Case are somehow connected. Mari Luz lived 2 hours away from Praia da Luz, in the Algarve, Portugal, close enough for the British media and the McCanns to use this girl's and family nightmare to benefit their own cause for more spin."

Mari Luz’s father, Juan José Cortés confirmed that Kate McCann had been in contact to show her support. Police in Andalucía have said they do not believe there is any connection between the two cases.

Why didn't the Mccann's helped a single family with missing children in Portugal, and choosed instead to help/assist the spin in favour of the convicted Killers of Joana Ciprano?

The British press uses headlines like "The police hunt for new madeleine missing girl", "Maddie: second girl taken"," Has McCann maniac struck again?". See for yourself, google for Mari Luz Cortés.

Missing Children in Spain

Mari Luz Cortés , 5 years old is missing. Also missing from Spain is 15-year-old Amy Fitzpatrick. Neither child is listed at the ICMEC (International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children).

There are 20 missing children listed in the ICMEC from Spain with most dating back to the 1990’s. 7-year-old Jeremi Jose Vargas Suarez went missing in March 2007. He is listed under Case Type: Endangered Missing.

In Italy 1,850 children disappeared in 2005, in Belgium 10,22, in the United Kingdom 70,000 vanished children are counted each year. Only in Spain and Portugal they are counted by the Child Focus (European Centre for Disappeared and Sexually Exploited Children).

See here for Missing Children in Portugal.

Some Cases In Spain

Amy Fitzpatrick went missing New Year’s Day. Amy Fitzpatrick is the fourth young girl to disappear in the Malaga area. The teenager disappeared on January 1st when she failed to return home after spending New Year's Eve at a friend's house a short distance from her home in Riviera del Sol in Calahonda, near Mijas.

The police investigation into the disappearance of Amy Fitzpatrick in Mijas, Málaga, found a new lead Thursday when a neighbour testified that his car, which he often lent to the girl, had gone missing on 1 January. The 35-year-old British man told the Civil Guard that he had not reported his car missing until now because he feared being arrested over two old traffic violations. But an interrogation has yielded "several contradictions," police sources said yesterday.
Amy Fitzpatrick, 15, used to take refuge in the neighbour's home when she had arguments with her family, her best friend Ashley Rubio told investigators. The man is friends with the missing girl's stepfather. The girl disappeared on 1 January after visiting her friend Ashley, who lives close by in a gated community in this resort town on Costa del Sol.

Rocío Waninkhof , 19 years old, disappeared in the Mijas. Rocio Wanninkhof disappeared from her home on 9 October, 1999 and was found strangled and naked. She had not been sexually assaulted, her body was found near Marbella.

Ana Elena Lorente , 20 years old, disappered in Alora September 2000, her body was found in Guadalhorce.

María Teresa Fernández 18 disappeared 2000 in Motril (Granada), still missing.

Sonia Carabantes in the summer of 2003. Sonia Carabantes was found strangled and beaten five days after disappearing on 14 August while returning home from a fiesta, her body was found near the town of Coin.

"Costa Killer", The British murderer

Tony King was convicted by a substancial body of evidence in the Costa del Sol murders. He was sentenced to jail to a total of 36-years. Tony BROMWICH, aka Holloway Strangler, Costa Killer fled to the Costa del Sol in 1997 after being freed from jail in Britain. The London-born barman had been sentenced to ten years for attacks on women. He would throttle them with flex until they fell unconscious, then sexually assault them.

He was released in 1991 but jailed afterwards for five years for robbing a woman at gunpoint. He escaped to Spain after allegedly attacking a woman in Leatherhead, Surrey, though police failed to extradite him when the courts ruled that there was insufficient evidence to bring him to Britain.

Scotland Yard detectives reopened their files on a number of unsolved murders — including that of the schoolgirl Millie Dowler in March 2002( As of December 2007 no one had yet been charged with the murder of Millie) — and three rapes and the disappearance of two young women in Ealing, West London, in 1999.

In Spain there is growing support for a public inquiry into why King was not caught sooner. José Maria Garzón, the lawyer representing the Carabantes family, says that the Spanish Government “has civilian responsibility for not controlling Tony King”.

Spanish police claim that they mislaid Scotland Yard’s first e-mail warning about King in September 1998. It was not until January 1999 that police in Málaga responded to a second warning. But they misunderstood the message and did not realise that the British police were warning them about a violent sexual predator.

Spanish investigators insist that Britain did not send them a full dossier on King until after he was arrested in September 2003. By that time he is thought to have killed four women in Costa del Sol resorts.

On the Trail of Tony King

1986 Tony Bromwich, 19, from Holloway, is sentenced to ten years for throttling and sexually assaulting five women.

1995 He leaves jail and changes name to King.

1997 Moves to Costa del Sol with his wife, Cecilia.

1999 Separates from Cecilia. Rocio Wanninkhof killed.

August 2003 Murders Sonia Carabantes, 17, in Coin, Spain.

September 18, 2003 Former partners alert police. King admits murder of Sonia Carabantes and Rocio Wanninkhof and other rapes.

September 23, 2003 King’s fingerprints are found by Spanish police to match those of the Holloway Strangler.

Novovember 2005 Convicted of murder and jailed for 36 years

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  1. Posters from the find Madeleine fund are well underway highlighting european missing children.Permission to include Mari Luz has not yet been given by her parents.The posters are designed and waiting to be printed .....There is a lot more going on behind the scenes than reported or LEAKED to the press...For gods sake leave the Mcanns alone if you have nothing good to say about them.....
    If It wasn't for johnny golchs mother in USA the amber alert system would never be in exsistance..that has saved countless american childrens lives.....she was treated the same by the press.....and fellow countrymen as the mcanns .....the childrens lives she has saved proved them wrong.


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