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Mari Luz father calls for people to tell the police what they know in the case of his missing daughter

Juan José Cortés said he remained optimistic as a new large search is being organised over the weekend

The father of Mari Luz, the missing five year old from Huelva, has made another call for people who have information to come forward. Juan José Cortés said on Friday that there are people who have a lot of information, but they are scared to talk. He said they should speak to the police and hand in what they know about the whereabouts of his daughter, because nothing would happen to them.

Juan José said he was still very optimistic about the investigation, and that he hoped Mari Luz would be released soon, given all publicity the case has generated.
‘It makes no sense to continue with this’, he said. He also commented on certain rumours relating to allegations of family debt, which he denied.

The new webpage set up at www.mariluzcortes.es had seen a lot of traffic and had already raised 6,000 € he said. The funds would be given to charity when his daughter appears, he said.

Meanwhile a new large scale search is being organised for Saturday and Sunday in the area of El Torrejón where the youngster disappeared when walking home after buying a bag of crisps on January 13.

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