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McCanns: British delay interrogations

From SOS Madeleine McCann,
[French to English translation by Google]

McCanns: Interrogation delayed decision by the British

An internal source of the British Home Office confirmed yesterday that the letters of request from the Portuguese authorities, calling for the interrogation of several British, including friends of the couple McCann, indeed arrived, but the Secretary of State for the Interior , Jacqui Smith, had decided not to grant them an immediate response.

McCanns: Secret of Justice until September

The investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann remain secret justice until September 15, 2008, according to a decision by Judge Pedro Frias, in charge of the dossier. The decision was taken because the judge considered at that time should count after the adoption of the new Code of Criminal Proceedings. There is no appeal against the decision of the magistrate.

Correio da Manhã

Researchers waiting for green light
British delay interrogations

The rogatory letters were redone repeatedly by the Judiciary Police, always in close liaison with the British authorities, but for more than a week that is expected green light from England for the interrogation of the McCann's friends.

The Judiciary also asked for the seizure of objects of Maddie's parents, including Kate's journal- but there is no answer.

Researchers are surprised with the attitude. Especially because the PJ and the public prosecutor have followed all legal channels to send the letters through the Attorney General's Office,.

All the interrogations to the eight friends of the couple are necessarily conducted by the local police, since they are held in British soil, despite the presence of Portuguese researchers. Those letters took months to prepare due to the complex translation of some terms and they were done carefully to avoid what after all is happening - the delay imposed by the British.

Regarding the seizure of Kate's diary, the Judiciary also waits for the British authorization, but this delay does not damage the investigation or the belief of the inspectors - in the process there are copies of what the author wrote, for example on the personality of her daughter Maddie. In this case, the original is needed only to help to back up the possible indictment of the public prosecutor - since copies cannot be used in court.

Initially, the PJ only wants to interrogate the friends of the couple. And then based on the answers they will get from all of them and any contradictions they may fall, they will advance to request the interrogation of the McCanns - though, again, they only can do that through rogatory letters and through the same process of liaison with the local police.


She has five years old, only one more than Madeleine McCann , and, like the English girl,she has two brothers. In addition to these two facts, Mari Luz Cortez disappeared without trace, last Sunday,in the neighborhood of Torrejón, in Huelva. As Maddie,in Praia da Luz, May 3.

The PJ, however, denies any link between the two cases. "The Spanish authorities sent us - the description of the child and we are aware in case any clue appears in Portugal," said to the CM source of the Judiciary. "But so far, there is no connection between the two disappearances or exists the suspicion that the same person or persons might be at the origin of both situations," he assured.

Who wanted to clarify possible links were the detectives of the Spanish agency Metodo 3, hired by Kate and Gerry to investigate the disappearance of Madeleine. According to a source close to the McCanns, "they have already entered in contact with the parents of Mari Luz to investigate possible links." But not even Maddie's parents believe that whoever is behind the case of Huelva can have any relationship with the Praia da Luz.

Yesterday, at a press conference, Juan Jose Cortez, Mari Luz's father, said that the Spanish authorities "are working on a clue." But he did not reveal which,and he just said that he has "a suspicion" but "is not the same suspicion that the police has." Juan Cortez admitted that "at present there is no" concrete result.

The family has received numerous telephone calls from various points of Spain, Portugal and France. Countries "where many people are searching for Mari Luz," revealed the father of the Spanish girl. He thanked the commitment of all and asked that today, in solidarity, "at 12.00 hrs, all people across Spain come to the streets."

Mari Luz Cortez Suárez, of five years, disappeared on Sunday, at 16:30, after leaving home to go to a kiosk, 100 meters away,to buy a pack of crisps. After that she was seen in the street at the rear of the house, where she lives with her parents by two neighbours.She is around 1 meter high, when she disappeared she was wearing a pink jacket with stars, a skirt and white boots.


The process of the disappearance of Maddie will never be public before 15th September this year, one year after the entry into force of the new Code of Criminal Procedure, discovered the CM. The decision was taken by order of the Judge Pedro Frias, on the 18th of September of 2007, considering that the maintenance of the secrecy of justice , for one year, was imposed by the rules that emerged from the changes in the law. The judge considered that the deadlines only started to run from the entry into force of the new code, a position that although is not new is far away of being peaceful.
The judge's decision cannot be appealed.

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