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McCann's Parents Love Being Globe-Trotting Celebrities

The Philadelphia Bulletin: An American View on The Case
Chris Freind

I always wanted to have a private audience with the pope. For that matter, George W.'s unpopularity notwithstanding, it would also be pretty cool to stop by the White House for a chat with the president. Good news. I think I found a way to make it happen.

Perhaps if I leave my three children alone in the car in 95-degree heat while I enjoy a martini out on the town and something tragic occurs because of my "honest mistake," then I too will become a globe-trotting celebrity meeting heads of state and embarking on fact-finding missions.
Apparently, I have been beaten to the punch by Gerry and Kate McCann, the grossly negligent parents of Madeleine, a 3-year-old British girl who was kidnapped in Portugal in May. Little Madeleine was left alone in the hotel room, along with her twin 2-year-old siblings, while her parents wined and dined at a restaurant on the resort property.

But hey, they allegedly "checked" on the kids from time to time, between the prawns and paella, no doubt, even though the hotel door was left unlocked for "fire-safety" reasons. (Explain the logic of that one.)

Most amazing of all, the McCanns still don't see anything wrong with what they did. After all, they say, that's the way they do things in Britain. It's just a "cultural difference," we're told.
That "cultural difference" is nothing more than politically correct code-speak for sheer laziness and wanton selfishness that quite possibly cost Madeleine her life. But kidnappers love it.

Right on cue, the irresponsible British press, rather than covering the McCann situation, chose instead to cover for the McCanns. It inexplicably misrepresented the facts and under-reported the real story. Rather than chastising the parents and using the media to raise awareness about the perils of leaving young children alone, many British journalists looked for a scapegoat, preferably a non-British one. They found it in the form of the Portuguese.
Quite convenient, blokes!

It's so typical now: Everyone's at fault except the biggest perpetrators of all. The British tabloids blamed the Portuguese police for their failure to apprehend the kidnappers in five minutes and criticized the resort for not keeping a better watch (even though Gerry and Kate, both physicians, were too cheap to bring a nanny from home or use the resort baby-sitting service). Are cardiologists really that poor in England? I'll let Michael Moore know.

Incredulous as it sounds, even if the McCanns looked in the mirror, they wouldn't see their sins.

Take a look at what their personal spokesman said:

"If they could turn back time, there are things that they might have done differently, with the benefit of hindsight. But it's impossible to say whether there had been an adult in the apartment at the time of the abduction, it would have stopped a predator."

"Might" have done differently? "Hindsight"? How can someone intelligent enough to perform open-heart surgery be so incredibly. ... What is it: stupid, naive, or lazy? I say lazy. In reality, how often did they go back to the room? I guess the wine was just too enjoyable for him to get off his duff and walk the 100 yards to the room every half-hour - or was it 50 yards, and she went every hour? And could they see the room from the restaurant or not? All inconsistencies.
But to say that if an adult had been in the room, it may not have "stopped a predator"?

If you believe that, I've got a bunch of watches to sell you. While nothing is guaranteed in life, most kidnappers would prefer to snatch a child with the least resistance possible and without drawing attention to themselves. Why on earth would they pick the McCanns' room while Gerry and Kate were present? Gerry may not be the biggest guy, but he's an adult, and the kidnappers would have unquestionably looked elsewhere for their prey.

Sorry, lame excuses don't fly.

The reality is that the parents should be brought up on child endangerment and negligence charges. Most Americans, and increasingly many Britons, are tired of hearing that view be called "callous and insensitive." Tough. Book 'em, Dano. It's the right thing to do. Ask little Madeleine what she thinks about being left alone and if it was "just a mistake." A mistake is forgetting to pay the mortgage or making a wrong turn. Under no circumstances, ever, can purposely leaving your children alone be classified as a "mistake."

I have written several "Friendly Fire" columns about the McCann's complete negligence in leaving their three children (with a combined age of 7) alone in their ground floor, unlocked hotel room. Interestingly, the vast majority of American respondents agreed with my sentiment that the parents didn't just "make an honest mistake," while many European readers at first chastised my "lack of compassion" and excused the McCanns.

It seems increasingly clear that the majority of Britons looked upon the McCanns with disdain and scorn but were afraid to speak out publicly for fear of ridicule by the politically correct British press. That is changing.

It goes without saying that priority one is finding Madeleine. In that regard, criticizing those who have exposed the McCanns for what they are is simply ludicrous. The heads of these critics should be rescued by a proctologist.

The McCanns have become the Cindy Sheehan of Britain and, in the process, have chosen to look for celebrity rather than into a mirror.

This story will not be in the headlines for much longer. Therefore, it should be the media's obligation to bring global attention to the fact that this type of behaviour cannot be tolerated. Our little children deserve better.

There is no better time for the British people - and world leaders - to make such a statement with vigour and to stop elevating criminal behaviour to celebrity status.

England, the world is watching. Your 15 minutes are ticking.


Little did this journalist know of the extended and long timing of this case and the real celebrities that the Madeleine's parents would become, Gerry was nominated for Scott of the year 2007, Kate a pin-up in a mens magazine in Jan. 2008, Madeleine McCann a fictional character into a Hollywood movie ...

All for the fund. And Madeleine, of Course. Hopefully.

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