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Mccanns: Perverting the course of justice a new marketing ploy?

Moita Flores Interview On SIC at 3m. 43 sec. plus a Zap on Various Channels

Press Conference

Correio da Manha - an opinion article by Francisco Moita Flores:

Maddie and Mari Luz

Mari Luz disappeared from a public area. Maddie and her siblings were abandoned by their parents [...] they were exposed to chance

"Every time that a sequence of violent acts occurs, whether homicides, abductions, or terrorist acts, the first exercise that our common sense memory does, is to search for communions and to make analogies that tend to generalistic judgements that puff up one or another solution. When these facts have a strong impact within the media, the level of certainty that is formulated increases even more. It is therefore hardly surprising, that the disappearance of Mari Luz prompted the search for identifications with the Maddie case, leading to the comfortable and opportunistic theory that there are connections between both cases, both being the victims of a sexual predator.

There do not exist. Although close in time, they are absolutely different cases. Beginning with the space where the facts took place. Maddie disappeared from the room where she was sleeping, alongside her siblings, inside the apartment that belonged to her parents, even if only for the duration of their holidays. Mari Luz disappeared from a public space. The time coordinate is also different. The English girl disappeared during the night, the Spanish girl disappeared during the day. The location is also different. Mari Luz disappears in a street of her neighbourhood - and those who know this area in Huelva, know that we are talking about a poor community, of degraded housing or modest construction, which is inhabited by persons with financial difficulties, where the street is used by its inhabitants as a playground. To play on the streets in Torrejon is a socially normal action, there are neighborhood relationships, the bonds of social mutual recognition are evident. It is normal for a mother to send her child shopping. According to the daily behaviour patterns, it cannot be said that the parents abandoned Mari Luz. That space is the community's territory. Maddie and her siblings were abandoned by their parents, in a foreign country, in a quality resort but, due to their short stay, that was strange to them and to their children. They went out to drink while the children were delivered to chance. But within a safe, controlled unit, without space for an abductor to act naturally. The public space is where abductions take place, by excellence. On streets, in shopping areas, on beaches, or when large crowds meet in open air. The private space, the home, is the territory of love, of violence, of tenderness and of death. But this is not where differences end. Mari Luz's parents immediately communicated the case to authorities. The police heard about Maddie long after the English diplomacy and Sky News did. The parents of Mari Luz expose themselves, in their suffering and distress, to the police and to the media. Maddie's parents chose to make emotional appeals but without a coherent explanation about what happened. They brought in a spokesperson to tell the press what it wanted to hear, but themselves, when it was time, refused to talk and left. The organised web never wanted to discuss the case's details. They chose to insult the PJ and the country that gave them shelter.

The truth, the sad truth, is that two children went missing. One, almost certainly, is dead. The other, the authorities still hope to find her alive. I hope they will. Unfortunately, these are not the first cases, and they will not be the last ones. They are cases from our common life. Unfortunately."

Perverting The Course Of Justice

PJ discard suspect as false trail
The sketch put out by the McCanns could be any of dozens or hundreds of people who could have passed through Praia da Luz – a man now made a suspect only based on information without any consistency, and which the PJ had already discarded – this is what a source connected with the process has told the newspaper. The purpose, eight months later, is the same as ever – one more diversion tactic.

False Sighting in Morocco
In September, a couple of Spanish tourists divulged pictures taken in Morocco, which showed a blonde girl at the back of a woman. It wasn't Maddie.

Belgian Lead did not have foundation
In ends of July, a new lead: Maddie would have been sighted in the Belgium, in the company of a couple. A photo-fit the portrait-robot of the man that would be with the child was world wide spread. Analyses to the DNA of a little straw proved that was not Madeleine.

An Irresponsible move
Sketches of possible suspects in Portugal, without a strong reason/ foundation, could lead to lawsuits for damages by those who look like the sketch, said a judiciary source to the newspaper CM.

'Baby-sitter' saw the suspect of the McCanns as well

DN, [2008-01-21 01:00:00]

But the DN knew that, to obtain the profile, besides this witness, the Spanish agency of detectives " Method 3 ", contracted by the McCann, it resorted to a description done by 20-year-old Charlotte Perrington, who was working in the The Ocean Club in the time of the disappearance.

In a testimony given previously to the authorities, already divulged by the DN, Perrington it affirmed to have seen the Briton Robert Murat – the other arguido/suspect in the process, besides the McCanns - talk in the esplanade of the Baptista supermarket, in the Praia da Luz, with a " man between the 27 and 35 years, of middle stature, eyes dark and of Portuguese or Spanish appearance ".

Either way, the portrait-robot (sketch) spread by the McCann fits also in a description done by the Judicial Police officer in May, in a time in which the theory of the kidnapping was concentrating the attentions of the investigators.

“He better show up "

Clarence Mitchell empathized yesterday that the mysterious character will have also " similarities " with a portrait - robot spread previously by the McCanns, based on the evidence of Jane Tanner, friend of the McCann, who said to have seen a man carry a child in the arms. " Who is he?, where is he? and which is, if in fact exists, his connection with Maddie's disappearance? ", he questioned. The spokesman of the McCanns - who ask “priority " in the investigation of this lead - challenged still the suspect to show himself: " If he is innocent, we want that he shows up for his own good, so that it can be cleared. We believe that this man can be tied to Madeleine's disappearance ".

In Portugal, the "revelation" of the McCanns - that Maddie appears near to the witnesses' new investigations in the case and little after the disappearance, in Spain, of Mari Luz Cortés, of five years - is being received with skepticism.

To the DN, Carlos Anjos, of the Association of the Officials of Criminal Investigation, did only a comment on the new trace: “The notion was lost completely ".

The writer and investigator Moita Flores went further, discrediting the sketch and accusing the MCanns of using “in an opportunistic way ", the recent disappearance of Mari Luz. With Peter Sousa Tavares

Jane Tanner: I wish I'd seen abductor's face
28 October 2007

The key witness in the hunt for Madeleine McCann has admitted she would not recognise the man she says abducted the four-year-old, it was claimed today.

Jane Tanner, a close friend of Gerry and Kate McCann, is certain she saw a man carrying Madeleine from her holiday apartment in Praia da Luz 45 minutes before her mother raise the alarm at 10pm.

But a friend of Ms Tanner - a member of the so called "Tapas Nine" who dined with the youngster's parents the night she vanished - has revealed the witness now fears she would not recognise the suspect again.

Gail "snail with rheumatics" Cooper sees a "creepy" Moroccan Man which Jane"spaced out" Tanner confirms and a Metodo3 Paedophile Gang

In the days following Madeleine's disappearance, Mrs Cooper, from Newark, Nottinghamshire gave a statement to police describing him.

But Portuguese detectives failed to quiz her further and a image of the suspect has never been produced until she was reinterviewed last week by the McCanns' private detective agency Metodo 3.

It also emerged yesterday that a 12-year-old girl living locally has come forward with information after seeing a "strange man".

(...)She also blasted Portuguese police for not taking her report seriously of the sightings during her family holiday between April 18-25 last year to celebrate her 50th birthday.

"It's certainly some time since I went to the police. I was a bit surprised it took so long for something to be done," she said.

With the help of police artist Melissa Little, two sketches of the man have been produced.

He has been described as aged 38 to 45, with sallow skin, lank, long dark hair, a distinctive droopy moustache and large teeth.

Yesterday Jane Tanner said one of the sketches showing the man wearing a safari jacket and light-coloured trousers "strongly resembles" the man she saw carrying a child wearing pyjamas identical to those worn by Madeleine on the night of the disappearance.

Mrs Cooper's evidence also echoes that of another holidaymaker, Paul Gordon, 34, who saw a man hanging around the McCanns' apartment days before Madeleine vanished.

The father of two told police that he spotted a man outside the two-bedroom flat's patio doors while his own two children were sleeping inside.

Mr Gordon, who stayed in the Ocean Club flat immediately before the McCanns did, said when he confronted the man he claimed to be collecting money for an orphanage in the mountains.

Yesterday there were fears that the second man - who does not match the description of the figure seen by Mrs Cooper- may have been an accomplice checking out the layout of the apartment and security with a view to snatching a child.

A friend of the McCanns said yesterday: "We fear that a group of two or three paedophiles may have fishing around the apartments, casing it with a view to taking children."

On another Paper

The family of missing four-year-old Madeleine McCann yesterday released an image of the face of a man they believe could be involved in her disappearance, as they launched an international appeal to trace him.
Drawn by an FBI-trained police artist, it is the first detailed likeness of any suspect in the eight-month-old case. He was described as "disturbing" and acting suspiciously by a British holidaymaker who came across him at her apartment 600 yards from that of the McCanns in the same resort in Portugal.

The long-haired man seen by Gail Cooper, 50, three times in late April last year, was said by Jane Tanner, a friend of the McCanns, to bear a "strong resemblance" to the man she saw carrying a child in pink pyjamas and bare feet from the complex on May 3, the night Madeleine vanished.

Clarence Mitchell, Kate and Gerry McCann's official spokesman, said that when shown the sketches, Tanner was struck by the likeness to the man she had seen carrying the child she now believes was Madeleine.

However, in a BBC Panorama interview in November Tanner said she could not remember, or did not see, the face of the man she saw carrying the child.

At a news conference in London, Mitchell said: "Our main objective is to find this man, to find who he is. We believe he is a link to finding Madeleine and with the grace of God we believe we will find Madeleine McCann."

The McCanns' private investigators, Metodo 3, spoke to Cooper last week. They hired artist Melissa Little to draw two images based on the interview. Cooper, from Newark, Nottinghamshire, originally gave police a statement in May.

It was Little who did the early drawings of the faceless man carrying a child in pyjamas based on Tanner's statements.

The drawings, including that of the man walking, wearing a safari jacket and light-coloured trousers, have been passed to the police.

Cooper described seeing an olive-skinned man in his 30s or early 40s with a drooping moustache and scraggy, collar-length hair, on a number of occasions at the resort, according to Mitchell. He is described as being of slim build, 5ft 7in to 5ft 10in tall, and was wearing light-coloured clothes.

Cooper said she saw the man walking alone in a downpour on the deserted beach at Praia da Luz on April 20. Later the same afternoon, she said the same "unpleasant" man knocked on her apartment door. She said he was nervous and agitated and claimed to be collecting for a local orphanage.

He spoke fairly good English, but with a heavy accent. She thought he might have been from Africa, perhaps Tunisia, but possibly from Spain. She did not think he was Portuguese.

Mitchell said that two days later Cooper, who was on holiday with her husband, John, saw the same man hanging around a children's outing to the beach organised by the Mark Warner resort. Madeleine took part in the same outings in the days leading up to her disappearance.

Mitchell said that when she saw the sketches, one a full-face portrait, the other showing him walking, Cooper described the first as an "excellent" likeness and the second as "very good".

In the Panorama interview, Tanner said she lived with the burden of knowing that in all probability she could never identify the man she glimpsed only briefly that night.

"He had his face turned away from me, sort of sideways and it was very dark. I just didn't see it properly I wish to God I had," she said. She told the programme she thought the man was "local or Mediterranean looking rather than British". She said: "He was dressed in that sort of smart casual way that European people dress, not the way Brits on holiday dress."

The McCann team has drawn up a plan of how they wish the investigation to proceed. It includes a worldwide search for the man, coordinated by a central telephone number manned by Metodo 3. The McCanns also want a full review of all police records and statements, including one taken from a 12-year-old girl who reported sightings of a strange man in the Portuguese resort last May.

Thirdly, Mitchell called for complete collaboration between the Portuguese police, Interpol and the authorities in Spain, Morocco and Britain.

Gerry's Blog/Diary and now it's the man described by Jane Tanner, thought it was DESCRIBED by Gail Cooper?
Day 262 - 20/01/2008

Today we have released drawings of a man who needs to be eliminated from the investigation to find Madeleine. A witness, Gail Cooper, who was holidaying in Praia da Luz shortly before we arrived, saw him on several occasions. She found the man, who claimed to be collecting for an orphanage, very intimidating. After interviewing Gail, our private investigators commissioned a forensic sketch by a FBI trained artist. The man has many similarities in looks and clothing he was wearing to the description of the man given by Jane Tanner. Click Here to see the drawings.(cartoons)

The man Jane saw walking away from the apartments where we were staying was carrying a child, around 9.10pm on the night Madeleine was abducted. Jane described pyjamas matching those Madeleine was wearing without knowing what she had on that fateful night. We are convinced that this was when Madeleine was taken. Jane has been shown these sketches of the man. She feels he has a strong resemblance to the man she saw on May 3rd.carrying the child away.

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