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Mccann's Photo-Fit has No Connection with the Case

Photofit: Police dismisses any connection to the case
PJ has already spoken to suspect

The CM discovers the man of the photofit in a village in Algarve.

The "creepy" man described by Gail Cooper as a suspect, which originated a photo-fit publicized by the McCanns this week was contacted by the Judiciary Police 20 days after the disappearance of Maddie. After the publication of the image, the Police spoke with him again and at this point any connection of this man with the case is discarded.

A source that is connected to the process has confirmed to Correio da Manhã that "at the time, a person that had been pointed out as a suspect by a tourist that had been in Luz, was contacted. He was cleared of any suspicion at that time".

This week, "another English citizen, who spent her holidays in Portugal, pointed out the same person as being the one that was portrayed by the photo fit", the same source explains. As a result, the man "was once more contacted and it is clear that he has no connection to the case whatsoever", is being guaranteed.

We should say that the PJ does not assume that the man with whom they spoke is the one that appears in the photo fit. “In certain aspects he matches the description but, for example, at present the hair do even looks different... Now he has dreadlocks”, the source says. The Judiciary Police, in any case, is not giving great significance to the image spread by the McCanns, stating that this photo fit could be applied to many persons”.

At the time when Madeleine disappeared, on May 3 last year, besides this man, “there was also a couple that was pointed out as suspicious, by tourists who were there on holidays”, says the same source. The couple "was cleared of any suspicion" after having been contacted by the Judiciary Police.

Gail Cooper, who did the description of the suspect for the portrait-robot, was in the Praia da Luz in April.

To the English press, Gail affirmed that what, in this month, she saw near the apartments of Ocean Club this man, from where Madeleine would disappear in May.


The Correio da Manhã, based on indications supplied by some locals to whom the photo fit was shown yesterday, tried to speak with the man who seems to be the one who was heard by the Judiciary Police. The purpose was to hear the version of the individual about the issue and to confirm if, in fact, he was the person in question upon whom suspicions were casted by the English citizens.

The individual, who lives in the zone between Espiche and Barão de São João, in the district of Lagos, reacted, however, intemperately when he was approached by the CM's reporters, and gave us no opportunity to start a dialogue. Surrounded by several dogs, the man even threatened to fetch "the riflle" from his house, in order to make the reporters leave the area, and then returned to his house, extremely upset and allowing for no explanations, despite our appeals for him to calm down.



The contact done with the individual “was not in any way an interrogation or an investigation”, emphasises the source connected with the process, “it was a an informal contact to find out the truth about any suspicion”.


Clarence Mitchell, in spite of guaranteeing that he had received countless phone calls of persons who affirm to have seen the suspect, up to now the PJ has not any information or accusation besides the ones received by two English Women.


Gail Cooper, who did the description that gave rise to the photo fit, returned to Portugal in an attempt of finding the individual who seemed suspect, reports the British press. “I returned because I want to help”, affirmed Gail. The English woman is going to try to help the Spanish agency of detectives Metodo 3, that was hired by the McCanns to find their daughter.


The fund that supports the searches to find Mari Luz, the Spanish girl that disappeared 11 days ago in Huelva, has already achieved one hundred thousand euros, Luis Molina, the family's spokesman, has confirmed to CM. The bank account that was opened at the BBVA to finance the campaign "started out with 400 euros and has grown every day", said this element of the family, which considers the possibility of using this money to pay for private detectives. The searches are ongoing on location, namely in the area of the Marina in Huelva. As the chief inspector of the National Police, Jose Tocornal, told CM, all the garbage from the city continues to be analysed "until next week" and clues are searched for "at construction dump areas". The authorities guarantee that "all the informations are being investigated".

João Mira Godinho / José Carlos Eusébio / R.P.G.

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