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Mccann's Insulted : Mirror Forum Shuts Down

McCann's Insulted

Bristish Newspaper shuts down Maddie discussion Forum
By Margarida Davim

The Mirror was closed down, this Wednesday, the on-line forum where internet users debated the Madeleine’s disappearance.

The decision came after the tone of the discussion became heated, with accusations to the English Home Office. The newspaper justified itself stating it was not going to allow “abusive comments against users of the site and the McCanns”.

After months of being home to some of the most heated discussions on the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, the forum belonging to the British newspaper The Mirror was closed down this Wednesday.

At the site, the people responsible for the forum left an explanation: “due to serious and persistent abuse, we will no longer allow discussion on Madeleine McCann”.

A decision which led to the deletion of all the comments made by the users about the case by the forum administrators, without previous warning made to its authors.

The reason is, according to The Mirror, “recent incidents” related to aggressive post against the McCanns.

The tone of the virtual discussion on Maddie heated after some forum users made comments about the alleged interference of the Home Office on the diligences made by the PJ in British soil in order to re-interview the McCanns and the group who dined with them at the Tapas restaurant on May 3, when the little girl disappeared.

The discussion has even led the Home Office to send a note to forum members denying any knowledge of any formal request for assistance in the McCann case by the Portuguese authorities.

the post This statement deserves a thread of its own - the statement came through this afternoon on the ‘Sign Petition to Jacqui Smith’ thread - many of us emailed her and the Home Office, demanding clarification of reports in Correio da Manhã and on R.’s thread that the Home Secretary is delaying interviewing of the Tapas 7:

[quote=”******”]Please be advised, we have been asked by the Home Office to give their response to this thread, which follows:

“It is not our usual policy to comment on individual cases, however the Home Office has not received a formal request for Mutual Legal Assistance concerning the McCann investigation. It is not appropriate to comment further.”[/quote]

I have emailed this to Correio da Manhã (I think!! via their website), but calling all Portuguese posters - Please, please publicise this response from the Home Office to the Mirror Forum to your national press!! We cannot allow the British government to try and hide any stalling on the McCann case by using the excuse of Portuguese bureaucracy!!

Relevant: Mirror pulled the plug!!

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